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I live and write at the intersection of family, food, and farming with three generations of my family at 1840 Farm.  I share my family’s experience on 1840Farm.com as well as with the readers of nationally circulated online and print publications.

I am a proud contributor to several of the leading homesteading and food based online and print publications.  My work has been shared with the readers of From Scratch Magazine, Hobby Farms’ Popular Farming Series, and CommunityChickens.com from the publishers of Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine.  I am also a contributor to the From the Farm Community as well as The Daily Meal, Foodie.com, and The Homestead Bloggers Network.

I am very selective about the companies and products that I invite to become sponsors on 1840Farm.com.  I made a promise to myself and our community of readers and followers that we would only promote the companies and products that we believe in and those that we have personally used here at 1840 Farm.  I enjoy introducing new products to our daily lives here at 1840 Farm and to the members of The 1840 Farm Community on our blog, and on  Facebook, Twitter, PinterestInstagram, Flickr, and Bloglovin‘.

If you would like to receive a copy of our Media Kit and sponsor rates, please contact me.  The 1840 Farm Media Kit details my experience and affiliations and provides additional information regarding our online presence.  It is my hope that our Media Kit will provide you with the information necessary to evaluate your interest in joining our elite group of 1840 Farm sponsors.



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  1. Hello, Jennifer,

    I just read your article in the September Real Simple issue. Kudos to you and your family. I love your blog, your ingenuity, and your courage to live your dream, not to mention your adorable Lion Head rabbit. My own Hotot Dwarf, Mathilda, brings me so much joy. I am experiencing a similar season of wanting desperately to follow my passion and keep writing my children’s books and get them to publication. Teaching English for 15 years, I have often thought about leaving my career because of the numerous pressures of state testing and how procedural the job has become (very sad for students and teachers). I have always loved writing poetry and enjoy writing children’s stories, as well. Your article has inspired me, and I am thinking that I need to focus more on reaching my goals. I don’t have the luxury of resigning, but I am not going to make excuses for why I can’t do what I know I want to do.

    Also, I love that you folks bought a farm. My parents are caretakers of a nature preserve (including an old 1800’s farmhouse, 115 acres, grape orchards, 7 ponds, and amazing views near a ski resort in Southwestern PA). I love visiting them, and every time I am there, it feeds my soul. I wish they would get animals. I tease them that they are wasting all of that land. A farmer plants corn, but that is the only crop that is grown there. I enjoy meeting new people and traveling (I have made it to each state and continent–even frigid Antarctica–frightfully enchanting), and if you are ever in southwestern PA, near Pittsburgh, I would enjoy meeting your family and showing you the nature preserve. Falling Water (Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous home) is also nearby, along with great wineries that we could visit.

    Take good care, and thank you for the inspirational article.

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