Peppermint Humbugs

Peppermint Humbugs

For anyone who needs a little inspiration in the holiday baking department, may I suggest an 1840 Farm favorite?  How about a few peppermint humbugs?

Originally posted December 9, 2010

Bah, humbug.  It just hasn’t seemed like the holidays here at 1840 Farm this year.  First, there is not a single flake of snow on the ground.  Not one.  The practical side of me is not upset about our lack of winter precipitation.  I’m quite content to try to keep warm by the fire inside our perpetually cold farmhouse without having to shovel snow outside.  I’m happy that the children’s new snow boots still have the tags firmly attached to them.  That being said,  I can usually count on a fresh blanket of white snow to set my holiday mood.  I mean, we live in New England don’t we?

So, here I sat the week after Thanksgiving trying to convince myself to get into a more festive holiday mood while failing miserably to do so.  I felt like a humbug myself.  A holiday hoax, if you will.  My children were happily buzzing with the mere thought of the holidays and I just couldn’t muster an ounce of spirit to join them.  Then the unthinkable happened.  We lost a close family member unexpectedly.  Their passing has left a sizable hole in our daily family life.  During a time of year that we’re supposed to be jolly and bright, we are all falling well short.  Continue reading Aah, Humbugs and get the recipe.




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  1. Sorry about your loss. I like the pretty Peppermint Humbugs…

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