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  1. I just read your frustration about peeling hard-boiled eggs on my RSS Feed and thought I’d see if you might try this the next time you are peeling eggs:

    Immediately run cold water over the eggs or put them in ice water. Leave about 3 mins. Turn on your cold water faucet and try peeling them from the large end allowing the water to flow into the spot where normally the air pocket is. If this works, you can thank Jacque Pepin. I was watching one of his ‘egg’ shows and he said this worked for him. He only uses fresh eggs to cook with. If it doesn’t work – well you can always use them for egg salad again.

  2. Cindy; I thought I would share my grand daughters answer to the perfect hard boiled egg…..I’m older than dirt and thought I had tried every different way to boil eggs so they would peel easy, but to my surprise I tried this and it works every time….. Put the eggs in a pan cover with water straight from the tap, set your timer for 20 min. From start to finish, when time is up cool the eggs with cold water or ice water, that’s it !!! They have always peeled perfectly……PS I have not tried it with eggs fresh from the hen house.

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