Clint Eastwood’s Rowdy Red Heirloom Tomato It was a very good year.  We spent all summer enjoying fresh produce from our garden.  We enjoyed everything from the first raspberry to the last stalk of celery. The real favorite here at 1840 Farm is always the heirloom tomatoes.  In 2010, we harvested 140Read More →

It’s official. It’s fall. I know, I know. I’m supposed to embrace this change. I should get out my favorite sweater, go apple picking, and buy a pumpkin. I don’t want to. Instead, I want to invite summer to stay a while longer. I want to thumb my nose at Mother Nature. I want her to understand in no uncertain terms that she can keep her beautiful foliage if I can keep my tomato patch a while longer.Read More →

This just in.  I harvested 17 pounds of organic, fresh produce from the 1840 Farm gardens yesterday.  I feel proud.  I feel victorious.  I feel exhausted. This is the time of year that the hours of labor in our gardens finally seem to make sense. That moment when the kitchen counter seemsRead More →

It’s time that I came clean. I love tomatoes. No really. I love them. Not the languishing in the produce aisle in February variety. Sorry. You may label me a tomato snob, but I can’t help it. If you’ve ever tasted an heirloom tomato fresh from your garden, still warm from sunlight, then you’ll understand. If you haven’t, get thee to a local farmer’s market. Immediately.Read More →