I love to make homemade pies from scratch.  It’s a family tradition that started with my paternal grandmother.  She was a gifted pie baker and enjoyed making pies in her tiny kitchen.  More importantly, she wanted to share those pies with the people she loved. I was lucky enough toRead More →

Visitors to 1840 Farm often comment on the family heirlooms we have on display throughout the farmhouse.  The collection ranges from an antique oak wall phone and century old canister set in the kitchen to the handmade quilts that decorate the bedrooms and keep us warm during the cold winterRead More →

Yesterday we took a culinary road trip to a sugar shack owned by dear friends.  They shared their delicious syrup as well as years of knowledge.  We learned all about the collection of sap and the painstaking work of transforming it lovingly into maple syrup.  We watched as gallons ofRead More →

As a general rule, I might be insulted if someone tasted food that I had prepared and promptly announced that it was “too delicious” for me to have made.  I might grab said item away from the offending party and refuse to share any more with them.  I might, butRead More →

Life here at 1840 Farm can get pretty dirty.  Spring has only been here for a few weeks, yet the never-ending trail of garden soil has already started to appear in our mudroom. I’ll spend ten minutes every evening from now until winter trying to clean up the dirt beforeRead More →

I was drinking a cup of coffee yesterday morning while reading the news headlines on my laptop.  Among the news, I saw a tagline proclaiming that it was National Pancake Day.  I was intrigued.  I like pancakes.  I clicked on the headline and prepared to read a story full ofRead More →

Really?  Someone I don’t know just gave me a Stylish Blogger Award.  A total stranger.  I won’t lie to you.  It hasn’t made me any less happy about it.  Who cares if I don’t know Betsy from A Plateful of Happiness?  I do know a few things about her.  She writesRead More →

Yesterday was a special day at 1840 Farm.  Without getting into too much detail, I will tell you that we found ourselves in the midst of a birthday.  A birthday that involves a child and the celebration of a decade gone by. I’m not sure where the time went.  I won’tRead More →