WonderMix Kitchen Mixer

When I was offered the opportunity to try out the new WonderMix Kitchen Mixer in our farmhouse kitchen, I was thrilled. I have been using the company’s WonderMill Electric Grain Mill for several years now.  No matter how many times I use it, I am always astounded at how simpleRead More →

Photo Aug 03, 11 58 11 PM

I first made brioche bread about a dozen years ago. I made it out of necessity. I loved the taste and texture of brioche bread, but didn’t have a local bakery that turned out those lovely golden loaves. While Standard Baking Co. in Portland, Maine creates fantastic brioche, driving twoRead More →

I love to bake bread. I enjoy the entire process from mixing and kneading the dough to baking the finished loaf.  While the bread bakes in the oven, the entire farmhouse takes on the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread. During the long New England winter, it can be aRead More →