Farmhouse Brioche at 1840 Farm

I first made brioche bread about a dozen years ago. I made it out of necessity. I loved the taste and texture of brioche bread, but didn’t have a local bakery that turned out those lovely golden loaves. I certainly didn’t have a nut free bakery that produced loaves thatRead More →

Strawberry and Rhubarb at 1840 Farm

We have been enjoying this cake all spring as our rhubarb is harvested fresh from the garden.  You’ll find the recipe for the crumble below so that you can bake it for your friends and family. The other two recipes in my article are equally delicious.  I was inspired toRead More →

Kale at 1840 Farm

Each year, it seems that a particular food takes center stage.  Suddenly, it appears in the food sections of popular magazines, on the menus of my favorite restaurants, and in the cookbook section of our local bookstore.  For the past year or so, that food has been kale.  Everywhere IRead More →

My Favorite Bread Baking Tools and Ingredients

I love everything about making bread from reading about it in my favorite cookbooks to milling the fresh flour and making a beautiful loaf to share with my family. I also love to write about bread in our Bread Baker’s Series, sharing recipes and techniques for making delicious loaves ofRead More →


This recipe started out as a kitchen experiment.  Our dear friends had been kind enough to share their apple harvest with us.  I found myself standing in the kitchen wondering if I could make something with these fresh apples that was a little different than your average applesauce. I scannedRead More →

Oven Roasted Heirloom Tomato Spaghetti Branded

This recipe hails from RIalto restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I happened upon it by way of The Tomato Festival Cookbook.  For an heirloom tomato lover like me, this cookbook is filled with delicious possibilities.  It includes everything imaginable from cold salads to chocolate cakes that incorporate green tomatoes that simplyRead More →

Great Grandma's Daffodil Cake at 1840 Farm

  Angel food cake was one of the first recipes that I taught myself to bake.  I was around twelve years old when I first separated a dozen eggs and followed the recipe in one of my mother’s cookbooks.  I marveled at the egg whites as they were transformed intoRead More →

The Summer Solstice Cocktail at 1840 Farm

When I am trying to develop a new recipe, I happily take inspiration wherever I can find it.  In the case of this cocktail, I happened to find it in two places.  Lucky for you, I’ve combined them into one delicious, refreshing cocktail recipe just in time for your FourthRead More →

I love to bake bread. I enjoy the process of mixing the individual ingredients and using my hands to transform it into an elastic, smooth dough. I feel a great sense of satisfaction when the risen loaves are transferred to the oven and begin to fill the farmhouse with theRead More →

I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks:  Barefoot in Paris by Ina Garten.  I have only made a few minor adjustments to the ingredients and it comes out perfectly every time.  Ripe, aromatic pears surrounded by eggy custard is always a welcome sight at our family table.Read More →

Some recipes stand the test of time.  If a recipe can stay close to its original incarnation for a decade, I am impressed with its longevity.  When a recipe remains unchanged for 100 years, I’m rushing to the farmhouse kitchen to start gathering ingredients. I first saw this recipe inRead More →