Slice of Pumpkin Pie Stitc at 1840 Farmhed

It simply wouldn’t seem like a Thanksgiving feast without a slice of homemade pumpkin pie.  So, when I set out to create a collection of drawings inspired by my love of the fall harvest, I knew that pumpkin pie would play a starring role. It seemed perfectly fitting that theRead More →


I remember vividly the bright red, glossy candy apples I looked forward to at the fair each fall during my childhood.  I loved that hardened, glassy red candy with a juicy apple waiting inside,  They were so beautiful, so magical looking before I had even taken the first bite.  OnceRead More →


Here in New England, real maple syrup is revered.  It’s so beloved that an entire season of the year is marked by the collection of sap from maple trees and the painstakingly slow process of boiling that sap down, down, and down until it is the rich, deeply colored amberRead More →


I love the taste of fresh ginger. I use fresh ginger in both sweet and savory dishes here at the farmhouse.  For me, there’s simply no such thing as too much ginger.  Luckily, my daughter shares that belief, so she keeps me company. I keep a jar of our CandiedRead More →


Every time I serve grits at our farmhouse table, I am taken by how simple, comforting, and delicious they are.  Much like potatoes, they can be prepared and flavored in so many ways, making them an ideal companion to almost any meal.  They’re a great item to keep on handRead More →


For me, there are few recipes more rustic and comforting than gravy.  It adds flavor and velvety texture to roasted meats, mashed potatoes, and anything else it happens to touch on a dinner plate.  With very little effort, simple ingredients can be coaxed into a thick, delicious gravy perfect forRead More →

1840 Farmhoue DIY

A few weeks ago, I promised to share a few simple projects to help decorate your Thanksgiving table. First up are these glittery pumpkins.  Our Thanksgiving holiday just wouldn’t seem complete without them. We have been using these glittery pumpkins to decorate the farmhouse for years. They are on displayRead More →


For me, Thanksgiving would be incomplete without a homemade pumpkin pie. In fact, I hold pumpkin pie in such high regard that I spent weeks perfecting my artwork of a pumpkin pie for our Etsy Shop. For years, I made my pumpkin pie using canned pumpkin purée. Organic canned pumpkinRead More →

Fall at 1840 Farm

For me, Thanksgiving is a holiday marked by time spent with family gathered around the table and the delicious tastes of our favorite holiday dishes. I have fond childhood memories of Thanksgiving meals prepared by my paternal grandmother and a team of aunts and uncles. The food was delicious andRead More →

Pecanless Pie Bars at 1840 Farm

It was almost five years ago that I first discovered that I could create completely nut free baked goods in our farmhouse kitchen that had the delicious nutty flavor we were missing due to nut allergies.  Our home has been nut free for nearly a decade since we discovered thatRead More →

Sweet Potatoes Anna with Blue Cheese

When I was asked to create a recipe to help showcase Castello Cheese to promote their Unlock Your Inner Chef Sweepstakes and the release of the new movie Burnt, I couldn’t wait to head into the farmhouse kitchen and get started. I love blue cheese. In fact, it might beRead More →

1840 Farm Coop

Fall is here. Our landscape is becoming more colorful every day. The foliage has been just glorious this year, the most beautiful I have seen in several years. Each day, I am astounded by the intense colors Mother Nature has treated us to this year.  Even the hens are enjoyingRead More →