This morning, I found myself out in the garden after finishing my morning chores.  There was still frost on the ground.  My children could still see their breath floating in the morning air. We gathered a pound of onions from the remnants of our raised bed garden.  As I lookedRead More →

I had intended to share a photo of the chicks in their garden coop today.  It seemed fitting given that they turn three months old this week.  That is, until I spotted this… Once I saw the first nearly ripe heirloom tomato, all bets were off.  All I could thinkRead More →

In the summer, the gardens at 1840 Farm dictate what is served for dinner.  If the Purple Top Turnips are ready to be harvested, then dinner is designed around them.  During heirloom tomato season, no one in the family asks “What’s for dinner?”  There’s no point.  The answer is alwaysRead More →

Purple Top Heirloom Turnip Brassica rapa Planting Depth:  shallow-1/4″ below the soil’s surface Plant Spacing: 1 – 2 inches at sowing, thinned to 4 – 6 inches Row Spacing:  12 – 18 inches Days to Germinate:  7 – 10 Days to Maturity:  52-57 A ripe Purple Top Heirloom Turnip isRead More →

Cherry Belle Heirloom Radish Raphanus sativus Planting Depth:  shallow-1/4″ below the soil’s surface Plant Spacing: 2 inches Row Spacing:  8-12 inches Days to Germinate:  3 – 7 Days to Maturity:  21-27 A ripe Cherry Belle radish is a thing of beauty.  It is medium in size with a round, bulbousRead More →

Sliced Radish Tartine

It’s been raining for days on end here at 1840 Farm.  I know that we desperately needed the rain.  I know that it is technically spring or as we like to call it in New England:  mud season.  None of that matters.  I still don’t like it.  I want toRead More →