Bourbon Caramel Popcorn at 1840 Farm

This week marks the opening of our baseball season. Opening day has been rescheduled from yesterday to today due to snow. That means we’ll be celebrating opening day and the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the same day. It also means that I’ll be making another batchRead More →

Brown Butter Marshmallow Rice Cereal Treats at 1840 Farm

Who doesn’t love a rice cereal treat? It’s the perfect blend of sweet, gooey marshmallow and crisp rice cereal. From children to adults alike, the sight of a pan of these treats puts a smile on everyone’s face. I like these treats, but I’ve always felt that they needed aRead More →

SconeIngredieStrawberry Oat Scone at 1840 FarmntsWM

When fresh strawberries are in season, we take full advantage and work them into a variety of baking recipes and canned goods.  These Oat Scones studded with chunks of juicy, fresh strawberries find their way to our breakfast table every year.  They’re delicious and a reminder of why we loveRead More →

Lemon Drop Cookies with Lemon Buttercream Branded

Spring couldn’t arrive soon enough for me this year. It was a brutal winter with snow piled so high that it was difficult to believe that spring would ever arrive to our snowy landscape. While I wait for winter to release us from its firm grasp, I find myself dreamingRead More →

How to Make a Heart Shaped Cake Branded

This time of year, everything seems to be heart-shaped.  From candies to baked goods and every sort of decorative item.  ‘Tis the season, I suppose.  Unfortunately, so many of these heart-shaped and Valentine’s Day themed projects, crafts, and recipes involve detailed steps and specialty supplies that I don’t have anyRead More →

Farmhouse Brioche at 1840 Farm

I first made brioche bread about a dozen years ago. I made it out of necessity. I loved the taste and texture of brioche bread, but didn’t have a local bakery that turned out those lovely golden loaves. I certainly didn’t have a nut free bakery that produced loaves thatRead More →

Oatmeal Bread at 1840 Farm

I first made a version of this recipe back in the 1990s. In March of 1995, a recipe for Oatmeal Bread from Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont appeared in Gourmet Magazine.   Gourmet was my source for culinary inspiration and I decided immediately after seeing this recipe that IRead More →

PeanutLess Brittle at 1840 Farm

It was many years ago that a peanut allergy came home to roost at 1840 Farm.  Since then, we’ve become a nut free house.  We’ve been creative and learned how to modify some of our family’s favorite recipes to exclude nuts and still include great flavor. This take on ourRead More →


I wish that I could take the credit for this recipe.  If you believed that I had dreamt this cookie batter up in our farmhouse kitchen, I might be elevated to genius status in the opinion of my readers.  Alas, I did not create this recipe.  However, I did haveRead More →

We have been baking a lot of cookies lately.  No one here at 1840 Farm seems to mind.  So far we’ve had chocolate crinkles, chocolate mint meltaways, oatmeal white chocolate chip, coconut macaroons, espresso chocolate chip shortbread, and Mr.1840 Farm’s famous chocolate chip.  When I mentioned in my last postRead More →

As a general rule, I might be insulted if someone tasted food that I had prepared and promptly announced that it was “too delicious” for me to have made.  I might grab said item away from the offending party and refuse to share any more with them.  I might, butRead More →