We have been baking a lot of cookies lately.  No one here at 1840 Farm seems to mind.  So far we’ve had chocolate crinkles, chocolate mint meltaways, oatmeal white chocolate chip, coconut macaroons, espresso chocolate chip shortbread, and Mr.1840 Farm’s famous chocolate chip.  When I mentioned in my last postRead More →

Prepare yourself. December is shaping up to be a month full of cookies here at 1840 Farm. I will make no apologies for tempting you with photos of decadent looking cookie treats in the coming weeks. I will not shy away from posting recipes for batches of cookie dough that involve Julia Child-like quantities of butter. Consider yourself warned.Read More →

During the past two months, 1840 Farm has been proud to participate in the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge.  I was given the incredible opportunity to share my experience with the readers of the Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine Community Chickens forum.  In fact, I just publishedRead More →