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From the Farm Blog Hop #36

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Where has the week gone?  It seems like I blinked and Friday was here.  The good news?  If Friday is here, then it’s time for another fantastic From the Farm Blog Hop!

Each week the From the Farm Blog Hop co-hosts welcome a fellow blogger to come join in the fun and guest host along with us. This week’s guest host is Mindie from The (mis)Adventures of a “Born Again” Farmgirl! Welcome Mindie!

 photo mindiebio.jpgOn a 1/4 acre in a small town lives a slightly deranged woman (that’s me!) who never thought she would be a Farm Girl again. I tried so hard to “escape” my roots, but then I grew up, got married and had a family. My oldest country kid (I have two sons 7 and 1) asked for a pet chicken a few years ago, so I did what any good mom would and bought him one! That was the beginning of the end so to speak. We now have chickens, ducks, and rabbits (besides non “farm” animals which include such oddities as a baby snapping turtle and a baby red squirrel we are rehabbing.)

I bake using sourdough, I garden to produce healthy food for my family, but most of all, I have learned to embrace with a passion all those things that I once wanted to distance myself from. It is not the amount of land you live on, but what you do on that land that makes you a homesteader and I am proud to share this type of life with my family. We don’t always get it right, thus the name (mis)Adventures, but that is half the fun!

Each week, we also select a few favorite links from the previous week’s hop. Here are the features from last week’s From the Farm Blog Hop #35 party:

 photo honeysucklejelly.jpg
Making Honeysuckle Jelly
by Stacked Stone Farm
 photo IMAG2467_zps695d54ca.jpg
Collecting Seed by Smart Food Storage

How to Clean a Coffee Maker Naturally and On the Cheap by Poor and Gluten Free
 photo DSC_8019.jpg
Simple Granola by Heritage Schoolhouse

Congratulations to the bloggers who provided our favorite posts last week!  I can’t wait to see what fantastic recipes, DIY projects, and helpful tips will be linked up this week.

Each week, we’re hoping that you will share up to three of your favorite posts here on the From the Farm Blog Hop. Our hop may be “From the Farm”, but your post doesn’t have to be. If you’re a farmer at heart or a suburbanite with a backyard farm that consists of a container garden, your post will be perfectly at home here.

1. Link up to three of your best gardening or homesteading tips, farm-themed posts, recipes, homemaking and simple/frugal living tips, decorating ideas, DIY projects, craft ideas, thrifty makeovers or repurposed items, healthy and sustainable living tips.

2. Link back to my blog, or put the link party button anywhere on your blog or post to share the love.

3. Make sure to check out some of the other links before leaving. You’ll be sure to find a new recipe, great DIY project, or gardening tip to use this summer. I find something fantastic every week and I know that you will too!

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Your From the Farm Blog Hop Co-Hosts:

The Adventure Bite | Sunny Simple Life | 1840 Farm | Let This Mind Be in You | My Healthy Green Family | Fresh Eggs Daily





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Traditions Old and New

Jennifer Burcke at 1840 Farm on The Daily Meal

A few months ago, I was asked by The Daily Meal to share the story of my oldest family recipe.  They went on to ask if I had created a dish that could become a new family tradition.  I couldn’t wait to answer both questions with a single answer:  berry pie.

A homemade berry pie has the power to transport me to my paternal grandmother’s humble kitchen.  My grandmother was a wonderful cook and baker, but pie was her specialty.  Her schwatzenberry pie was my favorite.  It would not be overstating its power to say that those berry pies forever changed my life.

My grandmother’s homemade berry pie taught me that food had the ability to feed my soul. I now know that it also holds the incredible power of transcending time and space, bringing back memories of a grandmother long gone, but known by my children who never had the opportunity to meet her in person.

Instead, they met her memory with the first bite of berry pie savored while listening to me share my fondest memories about her. Every summer, we carefully pick the schwatzenberries from our garden and look forward to the day when we have gathered enough to make the season’s first pie.

Now my love of berry pie has been shared with the world thanks to The Daily Meal.  I’m honored to be mentioned in the same story with the likes of Michael Chiarello, Carla Hall, Marc Murphy, and a collection of other chefs and bloggers who also shared their favorite dishes.

You can see the entire collection in the Kikkoman Tradition Exchange Slideshow.  The collection was assembled and used to introduce The Daily Meal‘s readers to an amazing new documentary, Make Haste Slowly: The Kikkoman Creed.

The documentary from Academy Award nominated filmmaker Lucy Walker tells the inspiring story of the Kikkoman brand.  The mini-documentary traces the evolution of a brand that was started over 300 years ago.  The film also focuses on the bold decision by The Kikkoman Company to begin producing their products in the United States in the 1970s, partnering with Midwestern farmers and local communities.

The film is beautiful and treats the subject with the respect it deserves.  I was particularly taken with the profile of Art Anderson, a retired farmer featured prominently in the film’s narrative.  I challenge you to listen to his personal story without being moved by his dedication and pride.  I was taken with his story and by the fact that he was a dairy farmer before he began his employment at Kikkoman.

Today, I am renewing the traditions of my family’s past and find myself milking our dairy goats in the quiet of our circa 1840 barn.  Apparently, I have more than one family tradition that will be continuing for several years to come.  Luckily, those traditions will ensure that we have homemade berry pie to enjoy with a fresh glass of milk at our family table.

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Happy First Birthday, Zinnia!

A year ago today, we celebrated a milestone here at 1840 Farm.  We woke up to find three newborn Nigerian Dwarf baby goats in the stall of our barn.  When we first saw them, they were minutes old.  In those first few moments of their life here on our farm, we officially became dairy farmers.  It was a moment that connected me to my Great Grandfather and the dairy farming life he chose over 50 years ago.

A year has passed.  We have collected over 300 pounds of fresh, raw goat’s milk and enjoyed drinking every last drop.  The two bucklings have made their permanent home in Vermont with a wonderful family.  The doeling captured our hearts.  By the time Christmas arrived, our two children made little Zinnia the top request on their wish lists.

Zinnia is a year old today.  She has an incredibly sweet disposition and would spend the afternoon sitting in your lap if invited.  She’s a momma’s girl and spends her days following VIolet and emulating her every move.

In a few years, I hope that Zinnia will have her own babies here on our farm.  I look forward to the morning that we discover her in the quiet of the barn with her newborn kids.  It will be another milestone for my family and I can’t wait to share the whole experience with all of you.

Happy Birthday, Zinnia!  To share the celebration with you, we’re offering a 15% discount on all purchases from The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy this week!  Simply enter coupon code “celebrate” during the checkout process to save 15% on your purchase.

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Farmmade.com Q&A

1840 Farm was selected to be Farmmade.com’s Featured Farmer this week.  As part of the process, I completed a Q&A.  Yesterday, the answers were shared with the Farmmade Community on Facebook.  In case you missed it…

Farmmade.com’s Featured Farmer this week is Jennifer Burcke of 1840 Farm! Jennifer and her family produce as much of their own food as possible on their 3.2 acres suburban farm in Dover, New Hampshire. Thank you Jennifer for taking time out to share your farm story with the FarmMade community of farmers and friends!

FARMMADE: WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND 1840 FARM?1840 Farm Independence Day
JENNIFER: The original farmhouse and barn were built in the 1840s. At one time, the farm encompassed over 100 acres of farmland. Over the years, it was subdivided little by little. By the time that we purchased the farm in 2005, the farmhouse and barn were situated on just over three acres. Over a decade ago, three generations of my family made the life changing decision to move from our home in Kansas to the Seacoast of New Hampshire. A few years later, we purchased what was then an abandoned farm and began the difficult work of bringing it back to life. It’s no coincidence that it is located a mere 100 miles from the dairy farm that my great grandparents proudly called home.

I spend my days living and writing about my passion to embrace the traditions of my past. I wasn’t raised to be a farmer and I would have never imagined that I would feel the gravitational pull to live a country cottage farming lifestyle. Yet here I am, living on a farm with my parents, husband, and two children. Today, it is hard for me to imagine living any other way.

JENNIFER: I was inspired to become a farmer by my family past and present. The memory of my grandparents and great grandparents inspired me to dare to attempt to become a farmer. The daily encouragement and support of my husband, children, and parents motivates me to continue to improve my skills and develop my craft. My goal is to raise food for our table while raising two children who will always hold their food supply firmly within their grasp.

JENNIFER: We keep a flock of 17 heritage breed hens, three Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, and a French Angora rabbit on our farm. We also tend a large heirloom vegetable garden as well as blueberry and raspberry fields. Last winter, we made our own maple syrup for the first time, collecting 123 pounds of Maple sap before boiling it down into syrup. During the last year, we have collected over 72 dozen eggs and harvested 300 pounds of fruits and vegetables from our gardens. Following the birth of our first goat kids last October, we officially became dairy farmers and have since collected over 40 gallons of raw goat’s milk.

JENNIFER: I love living and working on our farm with three generations of my family. The work of producing our own food and tending our farm feeds my soul and produces delicious food to be shared while gathered around our family table. The fresh, homegrown food on our dinner plates is the most meaningful reward I can think of for a job well done.

How about biting into a piece of warm 1840 Farm’s Berry Pie or freshly baked Blueberry Gooey Butter Cake? Jennifer shared two delicious seasonal berry dessert recipes in last Friday’s FarmMade newsletter. Check out yesterday’s post for those recipes and enjoy making one (or both!) of these summer time treats in your kitchen for dessert after dinner tonight!

Meet the farm animals of 1840 Farm and see what’s growing in the garden. JOIN US TOMORROW FOR A TOUR OF 1840 FARM!

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New Community Chickens Post: A Playground for Chickens

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A Playground for Chickens (click to continue

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Product Review: Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder

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New Community Chickens Post: Independent’s Day

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New Community Chickens Post: How to Prepare for Successful Chick Brooding – Part One

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New Community Chickens Post: How to Keep Your Flock Cool This Summer

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New Community Chickens Post: Necessity and Invention

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New Community Chickens Post: A Year In the Life at 1840 Farm – Month One

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A Year In the Life at 1840 Farm – Month One

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New Community Chickens Post: Coop Planning

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Coop Planning:  Five Features to Incorporate in to Your Coop

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