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Meet our 2016 Americana Basket


It’s time to meet our 2016 Americana Basket!

Every year, our Americana Baskets vary a bit, incorporating the fabrics we have on hand in the studio that fit the Americana theme. This year, we have solids and patterns including stripes, bold circles, and a deep blue with flags, stars, and just a hint of sparkle. I really love how they all came together.

Each Americana Basket is made to order  with a five pointed star stitched on its base. You select a size and shape and we’ll make it just for you.  There are a few days left to place your order from our Etsy Shop and have one of these patriotic baskets in hand to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day holiday.  All orders for Americana Baskets received by June 13th will be shipped in time for delivery before July 4th.
For each Americana Basket sold, we’ll make a donation to the Farmer Veteran Coalition and 100for22.  Each of these groups helps to raise funds and awareness to help support our nation’s veterans.  It’s our little way of showing our support and saying thanks to those who serve our nation and their  families.  It just seems like the right thing to do.

I hope that you like this year’s Americana Basket as much as I do!



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The 1840 Farm Handmade Jumbo Market Tote Basket

JumboMarketToteBasketCollageOur newly designed Jumbo Market Tote Basket was designed to meet the requests from our customers for a larger version of our existing Market Tote Basket with handles long enough to be carried by hand, over the wrist, elbow, or shoulder.  This is by far the biggest basket I have ever attempted to make.  It took several weeks to produce the basket you were all asking for, but I think that the finished basket was worth the wait.  I hope that you agree!

Like all of the baskets in our collection, these totes feature fabrics in a range of colors and prints accented by the zigzag stitching used to create the basket.  Our fabric baskets are flexible and can easily be turned inside out to display our signature fiddlehead spiral on the inside or outside and give the tote a completely different look.

JumboMarketToteBasketShoulderThe Jumbo Market Tote Basket is perfect for carrying fresh produce home from your farmer’s market or transporting your favorite book, towel, snack, and water bottle to the beach or pool.  We packed it with an oversized beach towel, sunglasses, wallet, keys, a great book, water bottle, thermos for iced coffee, a bottle of seltzer, a few allergy safe snacks, and a pack of gum.  As you can see, there was still plenty of room to spare.

 Our Jumbo Market Tote Basket measures 10 inches high. The top opening of the tote measures approximately 17 inches by 10 inches. The base is an oval measuring roughly 7 x 12 inches.  The base is reinforced with zigzag decorative stitching in a pinwheel pattern.

The finished handles each measure approximately 26 inches long and are made with five widths of the handwrapped coil used to create the basket.   The handles measure just over an inch wide and are double stitched for added strength and durability.  When the handles are extended, the height of the basket and its handles is 20 inches tall. The fiddlehead swirl that finishes the basket measures 2.5 inches in diameter.

Our Jumbo Market Tote Baskets are priced at $124.00 for in stock baskets and $134.00 for custom orders plus applicable shipping fees.  Our custom order design service allows you to select both the fabric and thread used to create a truly one of a kind basket.  We have over 175 unique fabrics in stock in our studio and also source specific fabrics and patterns by request.

You can view all of our in stock baskets by visiting The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.  If you don’t see what you’re dreaming of, simply send us a message and we can work together to turn your basket dreams into a beautiful reality!



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December Savings in the 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop

We had a wonderful and very White Christmas here at 1840 Farm.  I hope that you enjoyed a holiday filled with family, friends, and many memories in the making.  I know that we certainly did.

Mother Nature gave us over 20 inches of fresh snow the week before the holiday.  This morning, she decided to give us about five or six more.  There isn’t a single spot on the farm that isn’t resting under a thick blanket of snow.

As the snow gets deeper outside, I find myself dreaming more and more of spring inside.  It’s hard not to when you’re surrounded by beautiful heirloom seed catalogs and bright, cheery fabrics just begging to be made into baskets, trivets, and other handmade items for The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.

As I’m busy thinking of spring, I plan to pass the time by stitching up the first bright, spring baskets for our shop.  While I can’t wait to fill the shop with brightly colored baskets, I want to find homes for the lovely baskets that are in the shop first. So, I’m offering 20% off all purchases over $10.00 between now and the New Year.

To take advantage of the savings, simply enter “DECEMBER” during the checkout process. The 20% discount can be applied to the holiday items that have already been discounted, allowing you to realize savings of over 30% on several of our holiday items..

This coupon code cannot be applied to custom orders.  Instead, we’re hoping that you’ll visit our 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy and find an item in our shop that’s ready to ship and absolutely perfect for you.  This coupon code will expire at midnight on December 31, 2013, so hurry to enjoy the biggest savings we have offered all year long!

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A Little Gift from The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we seem to be bombarded with special sales from retailers with impressive sounding names.  Black Friday turns to Cyber Monday which has now become Cyber Week here in our local newspaper.

Here at 1840 Farm, we wanted to offer our customers something special this season without coupons, coupon codes, or limited quantity offers.  Instead, we wanted to send a little something extra when we ship out the orders placed this week through The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.

Every order that is placed from December 2, 2013 through December 9, 2013 will have a six inch handmade fabric trivet added to its shipment at no charge.  We’ll select the colors from the fabrics and thread that we have on hand and ready to ship to you.  We have a rainbow trivets ready to share with you.

We want to give you a little something extra to thank you for supporting 1840 Farm.  We hope that you can use these trivets during your holiday celebration this year.

Visit our 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy to see what’s available and ready to ship in time for holiday gift giving!

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A Custom Egg Basket for Little Hawk Farm

Earlier this year, Ruth from Little Hawk Farm in Baldwin City, Kansas contacted me about ordering a custom egg basket in her favorite colors. We worked together to select the colors for the fabric and thread. The basket arrived before her hens had begun to lay, so I waited in eager anticipation to hear that happy news that her little basket was being put to use.

That happy pronouncement arrived a week ago. Doesn’t it look as if her hens created eggs just to match her basket?


LOVE my basket that you made for me. My hens are finally laying! The cute little pullet eggs match the basket, too.


You can learn more about Ruth,her hens, and Little Hawk Farm by visiting them on Facebook or on Little Hawk Farm’s website.



You can order your own custom basket in The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.  We always have a rainbow of fabrics and thread on hand and we’d love to work with you to create a truly one of a kind basket in your favorite colors!

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Homemade Vanilla Extract


Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit at 1840 FarmI started making my own vanilla extract several years ago. I didn’t do it to save money or make a better product. I did it because it’s just what you do when someone in your family suddenly has food allergies.

One of the baking staples that I had a terrible time finding ingredient information and allergy warnings for was vanilla extract. Many companies that produce vanilla extract also make almond and other nut based extracts, making their products off limits for our family. My inability to find a safe vanilla extract wasn’t for a lack of trying. In my hours of searching online, I discovered that making vanilla extract required exactly two ingredients and a little cupboard space.

I was skeptical. My family looked at me with the same look they used the first time I proudly told them that I had perfected a brioche recipe using tofu instead of eggs. I’m sure you can close your eyes and picture exactly what I’m talking about. Then they smelled my first vanilla extract and tasted it for the first time in frosting that was filled with vanilla bean specks. They were sold. This food experiment was a keeper.

The homemade version of vanilla extract is superior in flavor and aroma to the extract available at the grocery store. The color develops to deep amber filled with tiny vanilla bean specks. The aroma will fill your kitchen from the moment you open the bottle. Your baked goods will taste and smell even more delicious once you’re using your own homemade vanilla extract.

Vanilla Extract Kit from 1840 Farm on EtsyWe offer our Vanilla Extract Kits in our Etsy Shop.  The listings include heavy duty glass swing top bottles with food safe stopper and gasket for optimum storage, extra rubber gaskets, premium vanilla beans, and easy to follow instructions. We’ll even include a recipe card that includes one of our family’s favorite baking recipes using our homemade vanilla extract.

Once you make your own vanilla extract, you may never purchase vanilla extract at the store again. After you have used the first 8.5 ounces of vanilla extract, you can simply follow the instructions and brew another 8.5 ounces of premium vanilla extract using the original vanilla beans included in each kit. After you have used the beans twice, the bean pods can still be used to flavor custards and sauces or allowed to dry slightly before adding to a mason jar full of sugar to create a batch of delicious vanilla bean sugar. We also offer vanilla beans pods in our shop so that you can restock and begin making another batch of vanilla using the bottle from your original kits.

Making your own vanilla extract is also a real money saver. Using this pair of kits, you can brew enough vanilla extract to make over 80 batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies. You can control the ingredients and strength of your homemade vanilla extract, putting you in complete control of the final product. You may even find that your recipes can be made with slightly less extract once you are using your homemade, rich vanilla extract.

I usually have two of these bottles in my kitchen cabinet. I keep one bottle of extract that I am using in my baking recipes and another one that is “brewing”. This way, I always have plenty of homemade vanilla extract to work with and never need to fear the prospect of running out.

These kits makes a wonderful gift for the baker or aspiring baker on your gift list. They also make a lovely hostess gift or takeaway gift for bridal showers and baby showers. We offer special discount pricing for orders of twelve or more kits and have worked with several customers to create custom labels for their shower and party favors. We would love to work with you to design something fabulous for your needs.

To view all of our items from the 1840 Farm Collection available for sale, visit The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.

:Remember those family favorite recipes using homemade vanilla extract?  Here are a few for you to try:

Strawberry Jam Meringue Heart at 1840 FarmChocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate Chip Gooey Butter Cake

1840 Farm Pancakes

Strawberry Jam Meringue Cookies

Chocolate Butter Cookies with Stout Buttercream Frosting

Coconut Macaroons

Raspberry Crumble Bars

Strawberry Simple Syrup

Lemon Drop Cookies with Lemon Buttercream


Baked Alaska



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Happy Number 14

Modern Homesteaders Top 50Common wisdom dictates that the number 7 is lucky and the number 13 is exactly the opposite.  But what about the number 14?  Well, I’m going to speak for myself and tell you that lately, the number 14 makes me very happy.

It’s February, and the 14th day of the month is all about Valentine’s Day.  For me, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without taking the time to remind the people who bring joy to my life just how important they are.  In fact, Valentine’s Day would be more than enough to make number 14 happy for me this month.

But wait, there’s more.  On Saturday, 1840 Farm was thrilled to be named one of the Top 50 Reader’s Choice Award Winners for Modern Homesteading’s Most Popular Sites on Facebook Poll.  We’re in great company and honored to be on the list with such a fantastic collection of homesteading sites.  We already follow a great number of them and now, thanks to the list, we’ve discovered a few more to take notice of.The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on EtsyValentine’s Day and Modern Homesteaders gave us two great reasons to celebrate the number 14.  I decided to make it a triple crown and give a happy number 14 back to the readers who have made our success possible.  Get ready to celebrate by saving 14% on your purchase from The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.

Handmade Fabric Coiled Egg Basket at 1840 FarmBy entering the coupon code “HAPPY14” during the checkout process, you can save 14% on your entire order from our shop.  Think of it as 1840 Farm’s way of taking time to remind you, our readers, how important you are.  I hope that you will take full advantage of the savings and invite a little of 1840 Farm into your life

Thank you again for being a member of The 1840 Farm Community by subscribing to 1840 Farm by Email and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I hope that you will continue to participate in this ongoing conversation with me and the other members of the community.  I love hearing about your experiences as much as I enjoy sharing mine.

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Pillows A-La-Mode Shop Love

Over the weekend, I enjoyed a lovely surprise.  Pillows A-La-Mode featured one of our handmade fabric coiled baskets on their blog!

I have my Mom to thank for this recognition.  Mom is also a blogger and mentioned to her blogging counterpart at Pillows A-La-Mode that we made handmade goods here on our farm and sold them through our 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.

If you haven’t visited Pillows A-La-Mode, take a moment and browse their collection of creative tutorials entitled “What Can You Make With A…”  You can also view their “Shop Love” section which includes a great group of online shops where you can find handmade goods just like ours.  Look closely and you’ll see that 1840 Farm is proudly listed there!

A big thank you to Pillows A-La-Mode for sharing our products with their readers.  And thanks to my Mom at GrandparentsPlus2 for always being my biggest cheerleader!

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Meet Our Small Egg Basket

Small Egg Basket #0083 from 1840 Farm
You asked and I listened!  Over the last few months, several members of The 1840 Farm Online Community requested that I add a smaller egg basket to our 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.  I’m proud to share the first Small Egg Basket in our collection with you.

1840 Farm Small Egg Basket #0083The Small Egg Basket is perfectly sized for carrying 6-8 large eggs.  Its smaller size makes this our most affordable egg basket.  It features the same handmade construction as our larger baskets, just on a smaller scale.

I hope that you will love the spring colors that I’ll be using to make the first batch of small baskets.  I will be adding more in the coming days and sharing them on 1840 Farm’s Facebook page.

In case you were wondering, they make a perfect little Easter basket!

You’re always welcome at 1840 Farm.  Come join in the conversation  on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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The 1840 Farm Spring Collection

1840 Farm Spring Collection on EtsyAs soon as the calendar turns to the New Year, I start counting the days until the arrival of spring.  Once the holiday decorations have been safely put away inside the farmhouse, I’m ready for Mother Nature to do the same outside.

Of course, we live in New England, so there is plenty of winter left to endure before we’ll see the first signs of spring.  I can’t do anything about that, so I’ll accept that it will be months before we can begin preparing the gardens and planting our first seeds.

Yet I’m still dreaming of spring and days spent outside working the farm.  Until then, I’ll be hard at work inside the farmhouse.  I’ll pass the time writing, sewing, and daydreaming of that first day when we’ll happily return to working outside in the sunshine .

While I’m dreaming of that day, I’ll be busy making an 1840 Farm Spring Collection of items for The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.  There will be aprons in pink, green, purple, and blues.  Of course, there will be plenty of handcoiled fabric baskets in colors perfect for Easter.

A few items from the spring collection have already been added.  Visit our shop and take a look!

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Friends of 1840 Farm – Fresh Eggs Daily

It wasn’t long ago that I shared my post detailing my views on the best way to store fresh bread.  My friend Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily had sent me one of these beautiful, handmade linen bread bags.  I loved it from the moment I unwrapped it.  In fact, I immediately snapped a few photos and shared it with The 1840 Farm Community on Facebook.

Not long after I posted the photo, several members asked why I thought it was important to store fresh bread in a cloth bag.  Minutes later, I was typing away on my laptop, eager to share what I knew about storing bread.

Two months have passed, and I have used this beautiful bag dozens of times since then.  Now you can do the same or give one as a gift to the bread baker on your gift list.  The Fresh Eggs Daily shop on Etsy is full of fantastic, handmade items.  They’re sure to put a smile on the face of someone you love this holiday season.

Fresh Eggs Daily Etsy Shop

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Cyber Monday at 1840 Farm

1840 Farm Etsy Cyber MondayIt’s Cyber Monday at The 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy!

To celebrate, we’re offering a discount on all purchases from our Etsy shop.  Enter the coupon code “CYBERMONDAY” during the checkout process to save 20% on your purchase.

We’re also making a $1.00 donation to The American Red Cross for every order received before December 31, 2012.  Hurry-the coupon code expires at midnight tonight!


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