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Jewel Toned Easter Eggs

EggsEvery holiday has its own unique food traditions. Easter has many. Creating brightly colored eggs would be near the top of the list.

For a few years, we were unable to participate in this tradition due to a food allergy to eggs. Those egg free Easter celebrations were every bit as joyous and memorable. We made new egg free traditions.

Shortly after we had accepted that egg coloring would not be a part of our Easter celebration, we learned that the egg allergy had cleared. Chicks were ordered, a coop was built, and we entered the world of chicken keeping.

The following February, we collected our first fresh egg. A few weeks later, we had enough of them to make a batch of colored eggs. It wasn’t Easter, but we had plenty to celebrate, so we gathered in the farmhouse kitchen to make a batch of colored eggs together. Since then, we’ve been known to color a batch of eggs for reasons other than celebrating Easter. Why not? There’s no reason to relegate all the egg coloring fun to one holiday a year.

When we returned to coloring eggs for our family table, we decided to put our own spin on it, creating our own method for adding intense color to the shells. We have been making our own egg dye for a few years now. It is an easy process that yields incredibly colorful, beautiful eggs.Eggs

Our hens are all brown egg layers. We find that beginning the egg coloring process with brown shelled eggs results in a more deeply colored egg. Pastel colors are more difficult to achieve without a white eggshell. That’s fine with me. I love the look of these rich, jewel toned eggs on our Easter table.

Before we get started adding beautiful color to the shells of our freshly gathered eggs, they need to be cooked. I have tried every method and none of them work as well for me as steaming by following the steaming method from Fresh Eggs Daily. It is my preferred way to prepare hard-cooked eggs. It has never failed to produce beautifully cooked eggs that are easily removed from their shells.

Once our eggs have been steamed using this method, I like to cool in the ice bath for approximately ten minutes. After ten minutes, remove the eggs from the icy water and allow them to air dry on a clean kitchen towel. Once the eggs have dried, they can be dyed immediately or refrigerated overnight until you are ready to decorate them.

Spring2015_Post_FoodGather a collection of small bowls or coffee cups to hold the colored solution. In each cup or bowl, mix four to six ounces of warm water with a Tablespoon of vinegar and enough liquid or paste food coloring to achieve the desired color. More food coloring will create a deeper, darker colored egg. Make sure that you are using a cup or bowl that can hold your colored liquid along with an egg. A container that is too small will overflow when you add your egg and leave you with a very colorful mess to clean up.

Gently transfer an egg to each of the cups and allow them to rest fully submerged in the colored liquid. We usually set a kitchen timer and check the eggs in ten minute increments. When the eggs are colored to your liking, remove them to a paper towel and allow them to dry completely. Colored, dry eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for three days or until you are ready to use them.


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Meet Our Small Egg Basket

Small Egg Basket #0083 from 1840 Farm
You asked and I listened!  Over the last few months, several members of The 1840 Farm Online Community requested that I add a smaller egg basket to our 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.  I’m proud to share the first Small Egg Basket in our collection with you.

1840 Farm Small Egg Basket #0083The Small Egg Basket is perfectly sized for carrying 6-8 large eggs.  Its smaller size makes this our most affordable egg basket.  It features the same handmade construction as our larger baskets, just on a smaller scale.

I hope that you will love the spring colors that I’ll be using to make the first batch of small baskets.  I will be adding more in the coming days and sharing them on 1840 Farm’s Facebook page.

In case you were wondering, they make a perfect little Easter basket!

You’re always welcome at 1840 Farm.  Come join in the conversation  on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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Happy Easter from Herbert Menninger at 1840 Farm

It would be positively ordinary for me to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter.  I’ve never been a fan of the ordinary.  Instead, I would like to uniquely wish you a happy holiday from our own Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter from Herbert Menninger

and his friends at 1840 Farm

Herbert Menninger exploring the perennial gardens at 1840 Farm

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New Community Chickens Post: A Naturally Beautiful Celebration

Read my latest post on the Community Chickens  forum from the publishers of Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine:

A Naturally Beautiful Celebration

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Nesting Instinct

The Easter table at 1840 Farm will have a touch of whimsy this year:  at least for a few moments.  I know that my son’s white chocolate nest place card with candy coated eggs won’t stand a chance.  The eggs will be history in a matter of seconds.  Then the nest will fall prey to a six-year-old who loves both white chocolate and coconut.

I can almost picture his plate with only the small flag remaining where the nest used to be.  I won’t mind a bit.  I’ll be happy to have made something that brings beauty and deliciousness to our table in the same bite.

I shared the instructions for making these chocolate nests on CommunityChickens.com  for the publishers of Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine.  For a family that holds its flock of heritage breed hens in high regard, they seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring to our farm.  To learn how you can make these adorable and delicious place cards for your Easter table, read “Welcome to the Easter table at 1840 Farm.”

In a matter of weeks, the newest batch of day old baby chicks will make 1840 Farm their home.  For the first time ever, we’ll be adding a few fancy bantam hens to the mix.  After they arrive, there will be an unending supply of adorable baby chick photos and videos to share along with product giveaways and money-saving offers.  To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the fun, follow 1840 Farm on Facebook to get the daily news from the coop.

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Wordless Wednesday – April 27, 2011

Knit Easter Bunnies at 1840 Farm

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Eggs Aplenty

 Earlier this week I published a post on the Community Chickens blog about our impending Easter celebration here at 1840 Farm.  This Easter celebration will be a first.  This year’s festivities will include fresh eggs from our flock of chickens.

To be truthful, we don’t stand on tradition here when it comes to coloring eggs.  In fact, we made a dozen of them in the middle of February.  Why?  Why not?  I’m not sure who decided that eggs should only be boiled and colored for Easter, but I apparently didn’t get the memo.

We haven’t used a store-bought egg coloring kit in years.  It started with an unfortunate trip to the grocery store.  We paid for a kit and then returned home to find that it was mysteriously missing from our grocery bags.  Suddenly there were two children in our farmhouse kitchen ready to color eggs without anything to color them with.

Enter the Internet.  After a few frantic minutes of searching, I discovered that the store kit was unnecessary.  I forged ahead with making our own cups of colored liquid and crossed my fingers that it would work.  It did and we’ve never returned to the store-bought kit again.

Making your own egg dye is simple.  It requires very few components and absolutely no special equipment.  To read my step by step instructions, visit my post, A Very Colorful Celebration.  Don’t forget to read the comments left by the readers of Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine.  They have added a lot of great tips regarding cooking the eggs and coloring them for your Easter celebration.

The Easter weekend here will be filled with eggs.  We’ll have eggs of the boiled and colored variety, chocolate eggs filled with caramel, solid chocolate eggs, and decorative eggs on our dinner table.  And for good measure, we’ll make our annual favorite, a chocolate Easter Bunny driving a tractor.  That’s right, even our chocolate has a farming theme.

Somehow, I think that our chickens will be even happier than usual this weekend.  They’ll be content with the fact that we’re vegetarians and that this annual holiday revolves around eggs on our table instead of a roasted chicken.  Even if we weren’t vegetarians, we’d need to keep the chickens around.  We’ll probably want to color eggs again next month.

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