I wish that I could take the credit for this recipe.  If you believed that I had dreamt this cookie batter up in our farmhouse kitchen, I might be elevated to genius status in the opinion of my readers.  Alas, I did not create this recipe.  However, I did haveRead More →

        Welcome to the third French Friday of January 2011.  It has been a very good run for my family’s Bistro Night this past month.  We started off with Paris Mushroom Soup and then discovered the beauty that is Gnocchi a la Parisienne.  They were both sublime, decadent, and warming Winter dishes. Read More →

Reader, it’s no secret that I love French Fridays.  Bistro night is a tradition at 1840 Farm that makes my whole family smile.  We try to have at least one night a week that would make Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Dorie Greenspan proud. This last week has been aRead More →

  Hooray – it’s finally Bistro Night courtesy of French Fridays with Dorie here at 1840 Farm again.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoyed all of the Friday holiday celebrations during the last month, but I missed our Friday night Bistro Night.  I was happy to see it return. WhenRead More →

Okay, until just now, I felt like I was a pretty well-read food lover.  Then I read that this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was Hachis Parmentier.  Gesundheit?  I had never heard of this mystery dish.  What strange concoction could it be? Turns out, it is simply a rustic,Read More →

Welcome to French Fridays with Dorie at 1840 Farm.  I’m not usually a person who looks to join this kind of thing.  Really, I’m not.  However, this group involves cooking, reading, eating French food, and blogging.  I felt that an exception had to be made. And then there’s the factRead More →