Eclairs at 1840 Farm

I didn’t used to like éclairs.  While my husband loves them, I just didn’t understand the appeal.   Most of the éclairs I had sampled were stale on the outside, soggy on the inside, and covered with bland chocolate glaze on the top. One summer, I set out to try toRead More →

1840 Farm Pumpkin Bars with Dark Chocolate Chips

Every year, we celebrate the arrival of autumn by bringing our favorite fall foods back into the regular rotation on our kitchen menu board.  Mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and New England Cheese squash begin to dominate the dinner recipes.  Pumpkin takes center stage where desserts are concerned. As a child, IRead More →

Chocolate Chip Gooey Butter Cake at 1840 Farm

Last month, I shared  my recipe for blueberry gooey butter cake.  We were right in the heart of blueberry season here at 1840 Farm.  Adding fresh berries to our family favorite gooey butter cake was a natural way to celebrate our best blueberry season ever. For me, there are certainRead More →

Sometimes you need a freshly baked cookie.  I mean really need one.  The trouble is, you don’t always have the time required to make one.  There’s butter that needs to be brought to room temperature and dough that needs to be chilled before baking.  I love to bake, but thereRead More →

Prepare yourself. December is shaping up to be a month full of cookies here at 1840 Farm. I will make no apologies for tempting you with photos of decadent looking cookie treats in the coming weeks. I will not shy away from posting recipes for batches of cookie dough that involve Julia Child-like quantities of butter. Consider yourself warned.Read More →

There’s just something about a perfectly ripe peach.  It bears no resemblance to the variety that comes from the grocery store with mealy texture and bland flavor.  In fact, a peach at the peak of its season is not unlike my most beloved fruit, the tomato.  At their best, theyRead More →

This should be the time of year when we end a day of working outside by swimming in the seasonal pool in the backyard. Icy cocktails should be served. The garden should need watering to cope with the abundant sunshine. I should be able to eat ice cream without wearing a jacket.Read More →

As a general rule, I might be insulted if someone tasted food that I had prepared and promptly announced that it was “too delicious” for me to have made.  I might grab said item away from the offending party and refuse to share any more with them.  I might, butRead More →

Yesterday was a special day at 1840 Farm.  Without getting into too much detail, I will tell you that we found ourselves in the midst of a birthday.  A birthday that involves a child and the celebration of a decade gone by. I’m not sure where the time went.  I won’tRead More →

I’m having a hard time writing this post without hearing Tina Fey saying “Uhlaskuh” in my head.  Nevertheless, the aforementioned dessert is so fantastic that I will bravely forge ahead. I don’t remember when I first started making Baked Alaska.  I do know that it was pre-egg allergy in the family,Read More →