Molasses Cookies at 1840 Farm

Molasses.  It’s a flavor beloved or reviled.  I adore it.  I love it in bread, barbecue sauce, baked beans, and the old fashioned molasses cookies that I have been trying to perfect a recipe for this holiday season. Molasses cookies seem to take as many forms as the bakers whoRead More →

Snickerdoodle Cookies at 1840 Farm

It’s cookie season here at the farmhouse.  It happens every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I start making up batches of our favorite cookie doughs, baking some to nibble right away and storing more away in the freezer for easy baking during the holidays and beyond. We have a wideRead More →

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar with Skipper Square

For me, there are few foods more comforting than a warm chocolate chip cookie.  My family feels the same way, so our Farmhouse Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies are a common sight cooling on the kitchen counter.  We never seem to tire of them.  I can perk up any day byRead More →

Lemon Drop Cookies with Lemon Buttercream Branded

Spring couldn’t arrive soon enough for me this year. It was a brutal winter with snow piled so high that it was difficult to believe that spring would ever arrive to our snowy landscape. While I wait for winter to release us from its firm grasp, I find myself dreamingRead More →

Strawberry Meringue Cookies at 1840 Farm

My family loves meringue. I have made meringue cookies flavored with peppermint, vanilla, and chocolate chips for years. What’s not to love? A properly made meringue is equal parts light, crispy, and delicious. These cookies up the ante with the addition of sweet strawberry jam. The prospect of making aRead More →

I should be tired of cookies.  Tired of baking them, tired of eating them.  It hasn’t happened in spite of the fact that December has been chock full of them here at 1840 Farm.  I don’t think that there has been a day during this entire month when there wasn’tRead More →

Sometimes you need a freshly baked cookie.  I mean really need one.  The trouble is, you don’t always have the time required to make one.  There’s butter that needs to be brought to room temperature and dough that needs to be chilled before baking.  I love to bake, but thereRead More →

We have been baking a lot of cookies lately.  No one here at 1840 Farm seems to mind.  So far we’ve had chocolate crinkles, chocolate mint meltaways, oatmeal white chocolate chip, coconut macaroons, espresso chocolate chip shortbread, and Mr.1840 Farm’s famous chocolate chip.  When I mentioned in my last postRead More →

Seriously.  More snow?  I am tired of snow.  I have snow fatigue.  I’ve already posted about The Winter of My Discontent.  Yet here I sit, with more freshly fallen snow at 1840 Farm.  Enough already. I couldn’t come up with anything to do to help me cope that didn’t involveRead More →