Old Fashioned Pound Cake at 1840 Farm

Pound cake is the simplest of recipes yet creates something that seems extravagant, rich, and delicious.  The recipe is simple purely out of necessity.  Pound cake dates back to Britain in the early 1700s.  At that time, many citizens couldn’t read and write, so the recipe needed to be easyRead More →

BostonCreamPie at 1840 Farm

Boston Cream Pie has always been one of my favorite desserts.  It’s difficult to beat the combination of a light sponge cake layered with vanilla pastry cream and topped with chocolate ganache.  It wins on flavor and appearance in my book. Sure, it isn’t really a pie in spite ofRead More →

How to Make a Heart Shaped Cake Branded

This time of year, everything seems to be heart-shaped.  From candies to baked goods and every sort of decorative item.  ‘Tis the season, I suppose.  Unfortunately, so many of these heart-shaped and Valentine’s Day themed projects, crafts, and recipes involve detailed steps and specialty supplies that I don’t have anyRead More →

During gardening season, we celebrate every piece of fresh fruit and vegetable grown at 1840 Farm.  We eat as much as we can while it is at its fresh best.  We also can, pickle, and freeze our garden harvest so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor duringRead More →

Great Grandma's Daffodil Cake at 1840 Farm

  Angel food cake was one of the first recipes that I taught myself to bake.  I was around twelve years old when I first separated a dozen eggs and followed the recipe in one of my mother’s cookbooks.  I marveled at the egg whites as they were transformed intoRead More →

Rhubarb Raspberry Upside Down Cake at 1840 Farm

Last night, when I announced to my family that I was in our farmhouse kitchen preparing a cake, they were thrilled.  When asked what type of cake I was making, I replied that I was using the rhubarb that we had harvested from the garden earlier in the day. AtRead More →

Every birthday celebrated at 1840 Farm depends on these cupcakes to mark the occasion as special. They are a wonderful combination of chocolate, vanilla, and malt flavors that merge to provide a depth of flavor not usually found in a standard chocolate cupcake. The flavor of the cake is slightlyRead More →

Chocolate Chip Gooey Butter Cake at 1840 Farm

Last month, I shared  my recipe for blueberry gooey butter cake.  We were right in the heart of blueberry season here at 1840 Farm.  Adding fresh berries to our family favorite gooey butter cake was a natural way to celebrate our best blueberry season ever. For me, there are certainRead More →

It’s blueberry season at 1840 Farm.  We’re enjoying our best year for harvesting blueberries since moving to the farm in 2005.  We’ve already picked an amazing 15 pounds of fresh berries. With that many berries, I find myself searching for new recipes that call for blueberries.  I had never madeRead More →