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Welcome to 1840 Farm

You’re always welcome at 1840 Farm and we’re thrilled that you stopped by for a visit!  During the last few weeks, we have been busy organizing our favorite recipes and posts to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.   You can access our newly organized collections of posts by clicking on the photos below.  From pie baking tips to our basket collection and a photo tour of our gardens, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy.


We hope that you’ll enjoy our most recent posts:


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Kimchi at 1840 Farm

How to Make Homemade Kimchi

I don’t remember when or where I first tasted kimchi.  I do remember how taken I was with the flavor.  As a person who loves sauerkraut and spice, kimchi was the perfect marriage of the flavor and texture that I so enjoy.

The flavors were so interesting and complex that I …

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Repurposed Gardening at 1840 Farm

Repurposed Gardening – Seed Starting Containers and Feed Bag Weed Barrier

I love to find a new purpose for materials that would otherwise be discarded.  I enjoy the challenge of re-imagining the use of items found in our recycling bin or stored in the old hay loft of our barn.  I also much prefer using materials that I already have on hand instead of …

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Clean Slate

Book Review – Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide

When Clean Slate:  A Cookbook and Guide from the editors of Martha Stewart Living arrived in my mailbox, I couldn’t wait to give it a read.  Once I had, I couldn’t wait to get in the farmhouse kitchen to create a few of the delicious recipes it includes.

This book goes …

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Cast Iron Skillet Pork and Potato Hash

Cast Iron Skillet Pork and Potato Hash

When we sit down at our farmhouse table to enjoy a meal featuring Beer and Brown Sugar Braised Pork, I can count on someone to ask if there will be enough pork to make Cast Iron Skillet Pork and Potato Hash for dinner the following evening. I have come to expect that question, …

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