Dwarf Siberian Heirloom Kale

Each year, it seems that a particular food takes center stage.  Suddenly, it appears in the food sections of popular magazines, on the menus of my favorite restaurants, and in the cookbook section of our local bookstore.  For the past year or so, that food has been kale.  Everywhere I look, there seems …

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Black Seeded Simpson Heirloom Lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson Heirloom Lettuce is a staple in our 1840 Farm garden every year.  I first tasted Black Seeded Simpson four years ago when I reached down on a sunny day to pull a fresh leaf from the lettuce bed.  One bite of a crunchy, ruffled leaf was all it took to …

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The Three Sisters Garden Heirloom Seed Collection

Throughout the year, we produce as much food for our family table as possible here at 1840 Farm.  We span the calendar year from spring’s maple syrup to summer’s garden produce to fall and winter’s fresh eggs from the coop and milk from our dairy goat herd.  Each season and crop has a …

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Sunset Runner Heirloom Bean

The Sunset Runner Bean is beloved for its ability to bring beauty and a nutritious crop to your garden plot.  The beautiful salmon pink colored blooms are unique to the sunset variety of runner bean.  The vines can grow to be six feet tall and make a wonderful climbing vine for arbors and …

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Stowell’s Evergreen Heirloom Sweet Corn

Biting into a perfectly ripe ear of sweet corn is a summer rite of passage.  There’s just something about the sweet, juicy flavor of sweet corn that instantly transports me back to my childhood.  When I watch my children enjoying an ear of corn grown in our garden, I know that they are …

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Long Island Cheese Heirloom Squash

There are few images more synonymous with autumn than that of a ribbed, round pumpkin.  Each fall, the Long Island Cheese Heirloom Squash grown in our garden move inside the house.  They decorate the farmhouse during the season and through our Thanksgiving holiday.  Once fall turns to winter and Thanksgiving yields to Christmas, …

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Hidatsa Heirloom Sunflower

The Hidatsa Heirloom Sunflower is named for the Hidatsa Tribes who made their home in the Northern Plains along the Mississippi River’s floodplain.  Their style of companion planting with corn, maize, and squash varied slightly from the Wampanoag’s traditional Three Sisters Garden. The Hidatsa added sunflowers to their gardens and planted their seeds …

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The Tomato Lover’s Garden Heirloom Seed Collection

Heirloom tomatoes are a delightful sign of summer here at 1840 Farm.  Each year we plant over 100 heirloom tomato plants and wait, rather impatiently, for that first tomato to ripen.  When that moment finally arrives, it is cause for a celebration of the most delicious kind.

Last year, we offered …

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Purple Calabash Heirloom Tomato

Purple Calabash Heirloom Tomatoes have been in the 1840 Farm vegetable gardens since our first summer living here in 2006.  Every year, we look forward to that first slice of Purple Calabash still warm from the sunshine.  If I had to choose just one tomato to grow, this variety would be in the …

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Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato

This tomato comes with a story the likes of which legends are made.  It all starts with a man named M.C. Byles who friends affectionately called Charlie in West Virginia.  He ran his own radiator repair business and was struggling to make it through the Great Depression.  He took it upon himself, with …

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Isis Candy Cherry Heirloom Tomato

2006 was the first summer we lived at 1840 Farm.  That year, we planted a small garden with a handful of heirloom tomato varieties.  We were new to heirloom gardening and selected the varieties for that year’s garden in a very non-scientific manner.  We simply chose heirlooms with names that drew us to …

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Green Zebra Heirloom Tomato

Of all the tomatoes we grow here at 1840 Farm, the Green Zebra is perhaps the most striking.  When fully ripe, each tomato is a fabulous bright green color with beautiful bright stripes.  In a  garden full of red, pink, purple, orange, and yellow, the Green Zebra stands out.  The brilliant color alone …

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