Yoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is one of my favorite snacks. I love topping a great cup of tangy Greek yogurt with a bit of seeds, grains, and fruit. When I am at home, it is simple to sprinkle something delicious and healthy from the pantry on top of a bowl of yogurt. InRead More →

The Hens at 1840 Farm using the BriteTap

Spring has been slow to show itself this year.  In fact, we were beginning to believe that it might never arrive.  Then, without any gradual warm up, our temperature hit 90 degrees on Sunday.  While we were happy to have warmer temperatures, such a big leap in the temperature wasRead More →

Dog Lover's Giveaway at 1840 Farm

Our farmhouse dog Pete Townshend has been busy testing out several fantastic dog products here at 1840 Farm. Omega Fields, Goodwinol Products Corporation, and You Had Me at Woof have generously offered their products for our Dog Lover’s Giveaway. Our Dog Lover’s Prize Package includes a one pound package ofRead More →

You Had Me at Woof Snoopy Collar at 1840 Farm

One of my favorite Facebook pages to follow is Read to Roo.  I love seeing Roo’s smiling face in my newsfeed and sharing stories of his work with the members of The 1840 Farm Community on Facebook.  While I have never met Roo in person, I can’t help feeling aRead More →

Bathing our farm dog Pete can be an interesting experience.  He’s a good sport about it, standing in the tub as we go about his bath.  Yet, no matter how patient he remains or how successful he is at fighting the urge to shake soapy water all over the bathroom,Read More →

Omega Canine Shine

Our farmhouse dog Pete Townshend is known for eating anything in his path.  His habits of eating blueberries fresh from the garden and begging adoringly for popcorn, oatmeal, and carrots are well-known.  So, I wasn’t at all concerned when Omega Fields asked if he would like to try their OmegaRead More →

Omega Nuggets

As a dog owner, I am always looking for ways to ensure the good health of our dog Pete.  Lucky for me, Pete is a willing participant.  He happily indulges my attempts at grooming and eagerly eats the healthy food that I select for him. When it comes to theRead More →

Gougères are a favorite here at 1840 Farm.  We have been enjoying them for years.  A holiday or special occasion almost always includes a batch of gougères served at our family table. I’m a tinkerer by nature, constantly adjusting recipes ever so slightly.  Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.  Once,Read More →

Raising baby chicks is a wonderful experience.  Here at 1840 Farm, we have counted ourselves lucky enough to enjoy the process twice.  Each time, we were captivated by the sight of the tiny birds in our brooder.  We couldn’t help gathering in our barn to watch the little, fluffy birdsRead More →

I love learning more about the members of The 1840 Farm Community.  I enjoy reading about their experiences as much as I love to share mine.  A few months ago, I had the chance to learn more about LeAnn and the beautiful lockets that she offers through her business SouthRead More →