Yesterday, I shared with you that I don’t have the words to make sense of the images we’re seeing on the news.  At times, I feel so powerless to do anything that can help to soften the blow that each day brings, to remind myself that there is more beautyRead More →

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us here at 1840 Farm.  Our holiday plans include spending the day here on the farm together.  We’ll have no shortage of laughter, love, good food and drink.  It’s no wonder that I love this holiday so much! In many ways,Read More →

It’s common for me to be sharing photos of 1840 Farm.  It’s far less common for HGTV Gardens to contact me and ask if they can use one of those photos to show their readers the best of Fabulous Fall Foliage.  I didn’t hesitate to give them my permission toRead More →

There are so many things that I love in life.  Somewhere, near the top of my list are books and dogs.  I have always loved to read and write, hence my love of books.  I grew up with the greatest dog that ever lived.  No wonder dogs claim their placeRead More →