Rustic Dutch Oven Bread at 1840 Farm

There’s something so simple yet completely decadent about a delicious loaf of warm bread.  That crunch on the exterior paired with the airy soft interior is a delectable combination.  Add a creamy bit of butter spread on top and it becomes otherworldly.  Just thinking about it makes me hungry. StoppingRead More →

English Muffins at 1840 Farm

I have fond memories of English muffins from my childhood.  I grew up in Kansas City and there was a Wolferman’s Bakery a short drive away.  Every so often, we traveled there to treat ourselves to their delicious fresh muffins.   The store was a beautiful shop and I loved toRead More →

Farmhouse Brioche at 1840 Farm

I first made brioche bread about a dozen years ago. I made it out of necessity. I loved the taste and texture of brioche bread, but didn’t have a local bakery that turned out those lovely golden loaves. I certainly didn’t have a nut free bakery that produced loaves thatRead More →

My Favorite Bread Baking Tools and Ingredients

I love everything about making bread from reading about it in my favorite cookbooks to milling the fresh flour and making a beautiful loaf to share with my family. I also love to write about bread in our Bread Baker’s Series, sharing recipes and techniques for making delicious loaves ofRead More →

Cinnamon Babka at 1840 Farm

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the holiday season at your family breakfast table, look no further.  You simply can’t do better than homemade Cinnamon Babka.  While I have made this loaf innumerable times, my family still gets excited at the promise of a loaf of Cinnamon BabkaRead More →

Oatmeal Bread at 1840 Farm

I first made a version of this recipe back in the 1990s. In March of 1995, a recipe for Oatmeal Bread from Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont appeared in Gourmet Magazine.   Gourmet was my source for culinary inspiration and I decided immediately after seeing this recipe that IRead More →

Farmhouse Country Loaf at 1840 Farm

I have already admitted to you how much I love to make bread.  I enjoy making the simplest of quick breads to brioche loaves and babkas that require a full day of preparation and baking.  I also enjoy making rustic, everyday loaves. This farmhouse country loaf is a staple hereRead More →

Kitchen Kneads Heidleberg Rye Bread

I love rye bread.  The earthy flavor is a wonderful pairing for our homemade strawberry jam for a wholesome breakfast.  I also like to top a lightly toasted slice of rye with herbed, salted butter and a paper-thin slice of radish fresh from the garden. I have made several loavesRead More →

I have already admitted how much I love to make bread.  There’s nothing about bread baking that I don’t enjoy. I love mixing freshly milled flour, yeast, and water to begin the process of making a loaf to serve at our family table.  Moments later, I feel the cares ofRead More →

I love to bake bread. I enjoy the process of mixing the individual ingredients and using my hands to transform it into an elastic, smooth dough. I feel a great sense of satisfaction when the risen loaves are transferred to the oven and begin to fill the farmhouse with theRead More →