Sunday Chicken and Bone Broth at 1840 Farm

Creating a batch of tender shredded chicken and bone broth in my Instant Pot has become a part of my weekly routine.  With very little time spent in the Farmhouse Kitchen on Sunday, we have a warm chicken salad sandwich to enjoy for lunch followed by a pot of doubleRead More →

Eclairs at 1840 Farm

I didn’t used to like éclairs.  While my husband loves them, I just didn’t understand the appeal.   Most of the éclairs I had sampled were stale on the outside, soggy on the inside, and covered with bland chocolate glaze on the top. One summer, I set out to try toRead More →

Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread at 1840 Farm

Cornbread is a modern take on a recipe as old as America.  When the first European settlers arrived on the shore of the New World, they were introduced to corn, called “maize”.  The Powhatan Indians cultivated corn and used it to produce a variety of dishes to sustain their families.Read More →

Blood Orange Marmalade at 1840 Farm

I am often inspired to create a new recipe by something delicious at our local butcher, farmer’s market, or grocery store.  This is just that sort of recipe. I discovered a beautiful supply of blood oranges at our local produce market and couldn’t wait to find a good use forRead More →

Rustic Dutch Oven Bread at 1840 Farm

There’s something so simple yet completely decadent about a delicious loaf of warm bread.  That crunch on the exterior paired with the airy soft interior is a delectable combination.  Add a creamy bit of butter spread on top and it becomes otherworldly.  Just thinking about it makes me hungry. StoppingRead More →

Molasses Cookies at 1840 Farm

Molasses.  It’s a flavor beloved or reviled.  I adore it.  I love it in bread, barbecue sauce, baked beans, and the old fashioned molasses cookies that I have been trying to perfect a recipe for this holiday season. Molasses cookies seem to take as many forms as the bakers whoRead More →

Snickerdoodle Cookies at 1840 Farm

It’s cookie season here at the farmhouse.  It happens every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I start making up batches of our favorite cookie doughs, baking some to nibble right away and storing more away in the freezer for easy baking during the holidays and beyond. We have a wideRead More →

Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese at 1840 Farm

Is there anything more warm and comforting than homemade macaroni and cheese? There’s just something about the unctuous cheese sauce, tender macaroni, and the knowledge that you went to the trouble to make something from scratch that can be made from a box with a packet of cheese powder. ForRead More →

Bone Broth at 1840 Farm

Bone broth is the simplest of preparations and yields such delicious and nutritious results. It requires no fancy ingredients and doesn’t demand constant attention. Given enough time and heat, the bones break down, releasing all of their gelatin and minerals into the liquid. The resulting bone broth is rich inRead More →