VetRx Family of Products at 1840 Farm

I live with my family in a house that is over 170 years old.  I plant heirloom seed varieties in our gardens and raise heritage breed livestock.  I guess it’s no wonder that I always stock Goodwinol’s VetRx Veterinary Remedies in our farm medicine cabinet.  These formulas have been aroundRead More →

As a mother and a farmer, I spend a great part of my day feeding my family and the animals that call 1840 Farm home.  Six people representing three generations of my family live here at 1840 Farm.  We all tend to the daily needs of our three Nigerian DwarfRead More →

This post is long overdue.  Truth be told, I have considered Iron Oak Farm to be a friend of 1840 Farm for years.  I first came to know Jennifer Sartell in the fall of 2010.  She was merely a name behind an Email address back then.  We had both beenRead More →

A year ago today, we celebrated a milestone here at 1840 Farm.  We woke up to find three newborn Nigerian Dwarf baby goats in the stall of our barn.  When we first saw them, they were minutes old.  In those first few moments of their life here on our farm,Read More →

1840 Farm was selected to be’s Featured Farmer this week.  As part of the process, I completed a Q&A.  Yesterday, the answers were shared with the Farmmade Community on Facebook.  In case you missed it…’s Featured Farmer this week is Jennifer Burcke of 1840 Farm! Jennifer and herRead More →

I should be tired of cookies.  Tired of baking them, tired of eating them.  It hasn’t happened in spite of the fact that December has been chock full of them here at 1840 Farm.  I don’t think that there has been a day during this entire month when there wasn’tRead More →

The first Christmas present of 2011 at 1840 Farm?  It was the item on the top of the wish list of the two youngest farmers in our family. How could we say no when they asked for the baby girl goat kid for Christmas?  One of Violet’s kids will beRead More →

During the past two months, 1840 Farm has been proud to participate in the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge.  I was given the incredible opportunity to share my experience with the readers of the Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine Community Chickens forum.  In fact, I just publishedRead More →

If you’ve read this blog, then you know that I am a big proponent of having a close connection to the food that you eat.  In fact, I spend most of my time trying to do just that. At the end of most days I have the dirt under myRead More →

  The kids at 1840 Farm are growing bigger every day (both the goat and human variety)! The three Nigerian Dwarf goat kids are spending their days eating, sleeping, and playing in the sunshine.  They are just beginning to nibble hay with their mother and investigate the outside world.  AsRead More →

It was an incredibly exciting weekend here at 1840 Farm.  We woke up on Saturday morning to find three beautiful newborn baby goat kids waiting for us in the barn.  They were less than an hour old and mom was well on her way to getting them all up onRead More →