This recipe started out as a kitchen experiment.  Our dear friends had been kind enough to share their apple harvest with us.  I found myself standing in the kitchen wondering if I could make something with these fresh apples that was a little different than your average applesauce. I scannedRead More →

1840 Farm Pumpkin Bars with Dark Chocolate Chips

Every year, we celebrate the arrival of autumn by bringing our favorite fall foods back into the regular rotation on our kitchen menu board.  Mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and New England Cheese squash begin to dominate the dinner recipes.  Pumpkin takes center stage where desserts are concerned. As a child, IRead More →

I love to make homemade pies from scratch.  It’s a family tradition that started with my paternal grandmother.  She was a gifted pie baker and enjoyed making pies in her tiny kitchen.  More importantly, she wanted to share those pies with the people she loved. I was lucky enough toRead More →

It’s time for me to face the facts:  fall is here.  The air is unmistakably crisp, the summer garden is dwindling, and leaves are beginning to dance around the farm with each passing breeze.  I’m not ready to bid farewell to summer, but I am taking comfort in the factRead More →