1840 Farmhouse Table 365

1840 Farmhouse Table 365

Pastrami Sandwich at 1840 FarmIf you follow us on Facebook and  Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been sharing photos with #1840farmhousetable365 each day. I decided that I will share at least one photo of something that we’re enjoying at our farmhouse table each day in 2016. Some days, there may be more than one post, but I promise to share at least one each and every day.
I’m hoping that sharing these posts will give you a bird’s eye view of what we’re eating at our farmhouse table. It’s far too easy to only share the most spectacular meals, giving the impression that we never eat takeout pizza, never decide to happily have a simple egg sandwich for dinner. Believe me, we do.  In the interest of being more transparent, I’ll be sharing the simple and sublime along with everything in between.
I believe that food is important and that being connected to your food is even more important. I also believe that sharing food with someone near and dear to you can elevate the simplest food to the most memorable meal.  The food that we eat matters, but the manner in which we eat is even more critical. Taking time to sit down, eat together, and share the news of our day is my favorite time of day.  I hope that you’ll enjoy sharing a bit of that with me by following along all year.



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