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2014 Heirloom Seed Collection from 1840 Farm and Fresh Eggs Daily

1840 Farm

Last year, we launched our first 1840 Farm Heirloom Seed Collections in order to share our favorite heirloom varieties with our readers.  This year, we are excited to be partnering with our friends at Fresh Eggs Daily to bring you an expanded selection of Heirloom Seed Collections.  Each collection has been carefully curated to pair varieties that are well suited for growing together in your gardens and ours.  All of the seeds in our collections are heirloom, non-GMO, and sourced from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, a family owned seed purveyor.

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Lisa and I first became friends during the summer of 2012.  What started as a casual conversation about chicken keeping and writing quickly evolved into an ongoing dialog about so much more.  Within days, we were trading messages about using old fashioned techniques to care for our animals, tips for tending to our gardens, and the warm childhood memories of our grandparents doing the same.  Two years have passed and our conversation is still going strong.

This winter, we discovered that we were each working independently on curating heirloom seed collections for the upcoming growing season.  Within minutes, we decided that working together on the collection would allow us to offer a better variety of seeds to our customers and give us another reason to chat all summer long.

We’re hoping that you will join us in growing a few of our favorite heirlooms in your gardens.  Together, we can learn more about the history of these varieties and share our favorite preparations for our families and the animals in our care.  Whether you grow a collection of herbs to boost the health of your hens or tend a tomato patch to brighten the fresh meals served at your family table, we hope that you will enjoy joining in our friendly conversation this summer and beyond.

In the coming weeks, you will learn more about each individual variety in this year’s collection.   We invite you to join The 1840 Farm Community on Facebook and Fresh Eggs Daily on Facebook to share updates from your garden and keep up to date on what we’re harvesting from our heirloom gardens. We’ll also be sharing regular garden updates along with fresh, seasonal recipes in our 1840 Farm Community Newsletter and The Fresh Eggs Daily Newsletter.  In the meantime, you can view photos from the gardens at 1840 Farm by visiting our Garden Photo Tour.  More photos will be added as we progress through the 2014 growing season.

While we’re all waiting for spring weather to finally arrive and the growing season to begin, 1840 Farm, Fresh Eggs Daily, and Sasquatch Books have a fantastic giveaway to share with you.  One lucky winner will win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all who enter!



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  1. Dawn Sarver

    Healthy chicken mix

  2. Chelsea W

    I would love to try the orange yolk collection from Fresh Eggs Daily!

  3. Chelsea W

    Id love to try the pollinators collection…always looking for more ways to support the bees and other beneficials in my garden!

  4. Royal Acres Farm

    I love all of them; but the Feed Supplement Seed Collection is one I’ll be growing year round!

  5. Royal Acres Farm

    We’re definitely going to get the 1840 Farm Favorites Garden – Heirloom, non-GMO collection – We love all of these heirloom veggies!

  6. LindaW

    I’d choose the The Chicken Salad Bar Seed Collection from Fresh Eggs Daily. Second choice would be the nesting box herbs. I really love that you list the specific varieties included.

  7. LindaW

    From the 1840s Farm collections, I’d pick The Pollinators Garden.

  8. Meghan Howard

    I love them all! But specifically the healthy chick seed collection. Way to start them off right! 🙂

  9. Mets Suárez Salazar

    I would love to win some heirloom seeds. We are hoping to enlarge our small garden this year, and would welcome the chance to get some heirlooms in there. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Gina Brown

    I love them all! Heirloom veggies would be so cool! I think my girls would love the Chicken Salad Bar for sure! 🙂

  11. Gina Brown

    the 1840 Farm is so many neat items. I love the trivets. They are beautiful!

  12. Alison Castillo

    I love the idea of having these curated collections that take the case work out or we beginners. I’m planting my first herbs and veggies this year and the choices are overwhelming!

  13. Jen M.

    The Respiratory Health seed collection.

  14. Katie W

    I’d choose the pollinators garden, I’m sure my bees would love it!

  15. Jen M.

    From the 1840 Heirloom seed collection, the Easy Keepers Garden seeds are my pick.

  16. Teresa Baker

    wow alot of great choices. I think the egg baskets are to cute at 1840 Farm Mercantile shop also the seeds of anything. lol. The egg layers seed collection , mustard condiment jar I love , & retro 70’s bread bag. Hard choices. love them all.

  17. Katie W

    I’d also like the Easy Keepers Garden

  18. Katie W

    From the FED collection, I’d get the Orange Egg Yolk set.

  19. Karen

    From 1840 Farm I’d love the Tomato collection because I’m a tomato fanatic. From Fresh Eggs Daily I’d like the nesting box collection because I definitely intend to grow lots of these herbs this year for my girls.

  20. KatherineD

    Chicken Salad Bar Mix sounds very interesting.

  21. KatherineD

    Tomato Lovers Garden would be awesome.

  22. Barb S.

    The nesting box collection, because I want to improve those this year.

  23. Barb S.

    I like the Easy keepers collection. Haven’t grown lettuce. Would like to try.

  24. Roberta Johnston

    Such an informative site- I am learning new ways of farming and gardening- Thanks!

  25. Lisa Marshall

    The egg layers seed collection is my favorite! I think it would be a great addition for my girls!

  26. Lisa Marshall

    The Pollinators seed collection from the 1840 Farm House is my favorite because we are looking to start bee keeping soon 🙂

  27. Laura Dzuray

    The egg layers seed collection would be awesome to try to add to my garden!

  28. Kelly Nale

    1840 the tomato collection , We love tomato’s

  29. Diane Gilbert

    What an awesome seed collection. Something for everything and you made it easy for us to know what to grow for each category. Thank you!!

  30. Brenda Hollmann

    This is great! I would love to plant these in my raised garden this year….Thanks for the offer.

  31. Tonia L.

    I’d love The Healthy Chick Seed Collection from the Fresh Eggs Daily’s Etsy Shop! 🙂

  32. Tonia L.

    I TOTALLY need the The Pollinators Garden pack from the 1840 Farm shop. Last year I only had a couple of hard working bees and ladybugs helping me out. I had an ok crop, but I know it could have been better.

  33. Chris S.

    Healthy chicken mix

    1. Chris S.


  34. Chris S.

    The 1840 Farm Favorites Garden

  35. Crystal Johnson

    I would love the tomato lovers garden seeds

  36. megan beyer

    My favorite chicken blend is the Nesting Box Blend, and my favorite from 1800 farm is the 3 sisters garden

  37. Carolyne

    The orange egg yolk collection! We just love the color of our free range eggs and when we bake with them that golden color really adds something special.

  38. Lori West

    The Pollinators Garden – Heirloom, non-GMO Seed Collection is my favorite

  39. Carolyne

    And from the 1840 Farm we would love to try the Pollinators Garden seeds. We’re so concerned about bees here in NC and reallly want to make sure our bees have a great place to be(e)! We’re hoping to start our own hives soon, too.

  40. Dennis Doyle

    good luck to all! Fresh Eggs Daily sent me!

  41. Megan Petros

    Oooh! I can’t wait to try these! I wonder how well it will grow I’m Alaska.

  42. stacey signor

    What an awesome garden I would have, should I plant them all 🙂 …..bwahaha 🙂

  43. Megan Petros

    The easy collection and the farmers favorite sound yummy!

  44. Lisa B

    Nesting Box seed collection would be just dandy! I enjoyed the story of your friendship. 🙂

  45. Lisa B

    would also love the 1840’s garden collection 🙂

  46. Esther Widgren

    I like the Easy Keepers Garden collection from 1840 Farm and the Chicken Salad Bar collection from FED!

  47. Tracy Spangler

    I am so excited about this new offering of seeds from you at 1840 Farm and Fresh Eggs Daily! I could hardly make up my mind since there are so many fantastic choices! I’m not sure if you need comments to be separate, so to be sure, I would pick The Feed Supplement Seed Collection. I know my whole flock, of all ages would love this one! Thank you!

  48. Susan

    I would like to try the Egg Layers Seed Collection from Fresh Eggs Daily.

  49. Susan

    My favourite seed collection from the 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy is The Three Sisters Garden.

  50. Jenny Weese

    The egg layers! I an so eggcited!@

  51. Jenny Weese

    The egg layers! I AM SO EGGCITED!

  52. Beth

    The Pollinators Garden~

  53. Vonda Scott

    I am excited to try the 1840’s farmhouse collection, golden beets and gherkins, yummy!

  54. Sarah

    Looking forward to gardening a lot this year…if spring ever happens in my state!

  55. Karen

    I’d like the healthy chick collection … because I’m just starting out.

  56. Karen

    I’d like the pollinator’s collection.

  57. Lissa Bitton

    I love all the daily posts I get about chickens. Just got me 4 new baby chicks today. First time raising chicks – I can hear them speaking as I type. Would love to receive any of the seed collections. What a fun idea!

  58. Lissa Bitton

    I love the heirloom tomato collection. I haven’t ever started my own tomato plants but love heirloom tomatoes. Your egg baskets are so darling and old-fashion, I love them too!

  59. Jeannie Palmer

    Would love to win….

  60. Teri Ferguson Scott

    Would love the egg layer collection!!!



  62. Rose

    The egg layers seed collection would be neat since we just got 6 new baby chicks 🙂

  63. Rose

    Really like the style and color of the small egg basket 🙂

  64. Natalie

    The egg layers

  65. Deborah Tatroe

    I absolutely love your page, your etsy shop, all of your facebook posts and the wonderful helpful information you have. I have 3 hens that are about 8 or 9 months old and laying and 7 that are 3 weeks old and 2 that are 2 weeks old. You have been a great help with letting me know how is the best way to take care of them.
    ♥★♫♥✿♥♫★♥ Thank You,
    P.S. You are so right! Life really is better with chickens 🙂

  66. Lori Benton

    The Egg Layer Seed Collection From Fresh Eggs Daily sounds like what our girls need! And The 1840 Farm Favorites Garden Collection looks great, too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. Tami Lewis

    The heirloom tomato collection!!

  68. Tami Lewis

    The Vintage Tea Set Creamer Sugar Bowl Pink Gold Yellow Rose Floral Porcelain is beautiful!

  69. Marcia

    I love my little egg basket. I plan to buy some of the seeds as soon as we get into our new place and have somewhere to sow our seeds literally and figuratively. I like the 1840’s garden collection.

  70. Jamie Baker

    From Fresh Eggs Daily, I’d love to receive Lisa’s Layer collection. But I’d love anything from her. 🙂

  71. Kathy

    Love the orange yolk package!!

  72. Jamie Baker

    From 1840 Farm, I’d love to try the Favorites. I’m new to heirloom gardening, but I’m learning. 🙂

  73. Dianne Bosque

    I would love to try the nesting box collection.

  74. Randee

    I think the chicken greens or nesting box seeds would be first choice, but they all sound good!

  75. Karen Parsons

    The tomato collection looks wonderful.

  76. Nettie

    Everything looks so WONDERFUL I just want it all! If I have to pick one thing it has to be the egg layer collection!

  77. Katlyn

    I like the feed supplement collection. Things for me as well as my chickies!

  78. Dina

    The Chicken Salad Bar Seed Collection – Fresh Eggs Daily Chicken Keeper’s Heirloom Seeds

    I love to watch my chickens enjoying special treats!

  79. Dina

    The Pollinators Garden – Heirloom, non-GMO Seed Collection

    I do all I can to help the honeybee and this would be IDEAL!

  80. Katlyn

    And the pollinators collection, we’ve gotta help the little guys, plus it’s pretty!

  81. Daniell G

    The new heirloom tomato set!! We love our tomatoes!

  82. Daniell G

    The nesting box seed collection sounds like the best one for me!!

  83. Andrea

    I am getting ready for my first chicks..so excited! I think these collections are great. (I love heirloom gardening and seed saving.) Since I am working on my flower beds around the house I would probably choose the nesting box collection, but I will definitely be adapting my garden to include more plants for my chickens. Thanks!

  84. Andrea

    From the 1840 Farm seed collection…wow is it hard to choose one! I would love to try a three sister garden and I think the easy keeper garden would be great additions to barrel planters. I could grow a whole garden of just heirloom tomatoes..yum! I do love cucumbers and pickles…and since that craving wins out at the moment…I would choose the 1840 Farm Favorites.

  85. Debbie Gates

    If I would win the seed collections, I would Like the Healthy Duck Treats Collection. I love Sugar Baby Watermelon, it’s just the right size for me and Hubby and a little to share with our critters.

  86. Gina P

    The orange egg yolk seed collection from FED and the tomato lover’s garden seed collection from 1840 Farm.

  87. Debbie Gates

    If I had to choose only one collection from 1840 Farm Collection, it would have to be the Tomato Lovers Collection. Somehow during our move this past Fall, I lost my entire seed collection and am now starting over. The tomatoes offered in this collection are some of what I lost so this would be a big help in getting started again.

  88. Tricia Johnson

    I am definitely interested in the egg layer seed collection – healthy chickens lay nutritious eggs!

  89. Tricia Johnson

    I would love to win the Pollinator’s Garden seed collection. I really want to help our pollinators thrive, especially the honey bees which are struggling now.

  90. Jodi

    I’m going for the Pollinator’s Garden!

  91. Jolene Eckert

    I would like the chicken salad bar collection, I am new to raising chickens and I want them to have the best !

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