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Celebrate the End of Molting Season with an 1840 Farm Giveaway!

I have written before that molting season is the time that tries a chicken keeper’s soul.  It seems cruel that just as the weather turns cold and the days turn dark, we find ourselves without any eggs waiting in the nest boxes as a reward for our chicken keeping chores. Feathers abound, but eggs become scarce or nonexistent.

Today, I made the most wonderful discovery when tending the chickens.  After eight egg free weeks, there was a beautiful brown egg was waiting for me nestled in the straw lining one of our nest boxes.  I let out such a commotion that our girls couldn’t leave the coop to go outside fast enough!  Now I’d like to share the celebration with the entire 1840 Farm Community by having a good old fashioned Facebook page giveaway.

Visit our Facebook page to vote for the prize that you would like to have a chance to win.  I’ll tally the votes over the weekend and share the giveaway with you on Monday morning.  You never know, if I keep finding eggs in the nest boxes and comments on the post, I just might feel the need to offer more than one prize.   I can’t wait to hear what you would like to win in time for the holidays!



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  1. Pat Giaquinta

    I would love the trivets ~ I love handmade goodies.

  2. linda prater

    can’t wait to see whats coming the vanilla kit was my pick thank you for the chance to win. have a great holiday season

  3. Nancy Guzek

    Yes! It seems incredibly cruel that the girls Molt
    when they need their feathers the most!
    I chose not to add light to force eggs.
    so their bodies can renew.
    I’m leaning towards the
    Home made Bread as a prize!

  4. Janis Withers

    Love the vanilla

  5. Sandy

    Love the trivets but the vanilla extract kit sounds interesting too. Our girls have been molting also(9 hens) and my egg production is down to 2-3 eggs…killing me!

    Hope you have a great Holiday season!

  6. Diane Wunschel

    Hi Jen, I vote for #1, I love your baskets too! The color combinations are beautiful !

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