Put an Egg on It Cookbook *GIVEAWAY*

Put an Egg on It Cookbook *GIVEAWAY*

When Sasquatch Books contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing a new cookbook, I was happy to say yes.  When they went on to tell me that the cookbook was filled with over 70 recipes highlighting eggs, I could hardly wait for it to arrive.  A few weeks passed and then I found this lovely cookbook:  Put an Egg on It waiting for me in our mailbox.

From the moment I saw the cover, I couldn’t wait to look over the cookbook and see the recipes waiting inside.  The photographs are beautiful and cover the gamut from simple tips for boiling, frying, poaching, and separating eggs along with dozens of recipes that showcase the best that eggs have to offer.

Unfortunately, molting season has descended upon our farm and eggs are temporarily scarce.  Suddenly, there are far more feathers in the nest boxes than there are fresh eggs.  So, instead of making these recipes right away, I have been dreaming of which recipe will be the first to try once our girls have replenished their feathers and moved back to leaving their fresh eggs in the nest boxes.

After looking through the cookbook several times and allowing my family to do the same, we have decided that the recipe on page 137 will be the first to try.  There’s just something about the thought of Maple Meringue Doughnut Holes made using our own fresh eggs, fresh goat’s milk, and homemade maple syrup that appeals to all of us.  Add in that they look and sound delicious and it’s no wonder that we settled on this recipe!

Now you can enter to win your own copy of this beautiful cookbook.  I have teamed up with fellow Community Chickens Contributor Rebecca Nickols to offer two lucky readers the opportunity to win their own copy.  Two winners will be randomly selected to win Put an Egg on It.

You can enter by leaving a comment about your favorite egg recipe and by following 1840 Farm, Rebecca’s Bird Gardens, and Community Chickens on Facebook.  If you already follow those pages, don’t worry.  You can claim those entries with a click of the button below.  Good luck to all who enter!

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  1. I need more ideas for using eggs. This looks like a great book.

  2. I always love scrambled for a go to easy breakfast. Now if my husband is cooking “eggs benedict” is the choice.

  3. I’m a fan. I hope I win, because I want to make those donuts. LOL

  4. Would love to win this cookbook! My favorite use for eggs is a breakfast casserole I make for my family.

  5. I would love to win. My favorite way to eat my eggs are plain old fried. yum!

  6. Though this time of year I usually have to supplement my girlz eggs with some bought at the local co-op…I love boiled custard!!!!

  7. I eat 2 poached eggs on homemade English muffins every morning! Although soft boiled eggs on a salad are a close second!

  8. over easy eggs on biscuits and tomatoes yummy. would like to win the book. always looking for good recipes.

  9. Egg salad mashed with avocado on toast

  10. I adore eggs, but use whites mostly (cholesterol!). I enjoy eggs for breakfast/lunch/dinner! Thanks for hosting. xo

  11. Oops, favorite way I make eggs, is over easy, with a slice of cheese. Bread optional! xo

  12. I like making omelettes with extra sharp cheddar, mushrooms, and scallions.

  13. Scrambled eggs with goat cheese.

  14. I would love to get this book – I haven’t seen it yet but sounds amazing!

  15. Cute subtitle. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite “eggy” recipe but I’m sure my mother’s pound cake, which calls or five fresh eggs, would be very near the top.

  16. I have so many favorites, but one in particular would be pickled eggs. When I make them, it
    always brings back memories making them with my mom. It was her favorite. 🙂

  17. What a beautiful book, we have lots of chickens, so plenty of eggs…love the nest idea, how clever…

  18. KInd of boring, but I love plain old scrambled eggs!! I eat them every day 🙂

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