1840 Farm and The Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour

1840 Farm and The Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour

When Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily asked me if I would like to participate in The Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour for her new book, Fresh Eggs Daily:  Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens… Naturally, I didn’t have to think twice.  Instead, I jumped at the chance to receive a copy of the book to review along with an autographed copy to give away to one of our lucky readers.

Lisa has been a trusted friend and mentor for well over a year.  I have been following the progress of her work on this book since it became a reality last year.  I have often joked with her that I was as excited as she was to finally see her book in person!

Last week, these beautiful books were waiting for me in our mailbox.  From the moment I saw the cover, I couldn’t wait to read it from start to finish.  As I read, I recognized the hallmark style that I have come to expect from Fresh Eggs Daily.  The whole book was warm in tone and presented the information in an encouraging manner.

The information was extensive, covering a range of topics from planning your first chicken coop, natural strategies for the daily maintenance of your flock and discouraging pests of all kinds.  Common chicken keeping challenges such as molting, coop cleaning, and potentially dangerous foods and plants are also covered in detail.

If you’re a Fresh Eggs Daily fan like I am, then you’re already familiar with their collection of posts containing tips and suggestions for raising and tending your flock naturally.  I am constantly learning new techniques from their blog and Facebook page and sharing their content on our own page.

Now Lisa’s natural chicken keeping knowledge has been assembled into a beautiful book. Fresh Eggs Daily:  Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally will teach you how to implement effective and simple strategies like drying herbs fresh from your garden for use all year long.  Lisa offers common sense tips for helping prepare your flock for Mother Nature’s extremes and handling inevitable chicken keeping challenges.  She also includes several recipes for natural concoctions and several DIY projects including creating your own brooder.  This book covers such a wide variety of topics that it is sure to be your go to chicken keeping resource for years to come.

I wish that I had been able to add Fresh Eggs Daily:  Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally to my bookshelf when I was beginning my journey as a chicken keeper.  Within the pages of this book, I would have found the information I needed to ensure that our first flock had the very best chance of thriving here on our farm.

Luckily, I can add it to my chicken keeper’s library now and so can you.  Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning to become a chicken keeper, tending to your first chicks, or have already earned your chicken keeping stripes, I know that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I did.

To make this giveaway even more exciting, I’m adding one of our 1840 Farm handmade fabric coiled egg baskets to the prize pack.  While all of our baskets are unique, this one is a true original.  It was designed in the color scheme of Fresh Eggs Daily:  Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally and features fabrics in Wedgewood blue, chocolate brown, tan, and garnet red with butter yellow stitching.

If you already follow 1840 Farm and Fresh Eggs Daily on Facebook, then you have already earned a few entries.  Simply click on the buttons below to claim them.  While you’re at it, you can claim a few more entries and increase your odds of winning.

In fact, I’d love to hear where you are in your chicken keeping journey in a comment below and grant you another entry.  I ‘ll go first and share that we have been keeping chickens for three years.  Now it’s your turn to share:  tell me about your chicken keeping experience.  I can’t wait to read all about it!

After you have claimed all of your entries in our giveaway, visit the other stops on The Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour by clicking on the links below.  You can read other chicken keeper’s reviews and enter their giveaways to increase your chance of winning your own copy of Fresh Eggs Daily:  Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally.


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Visit all the other stops along the Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour to read some more great reviews and to enter to win a copy!

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  1. Started our journey with 40 meat chickens years ago. Interested in getting started again. Have one chicken mama and 7 guineas now. Fixing to get going again with chickens in the spring. Can’t wait.

  2. We have a small farm and we are now up to 29 hens! 8 are layers and the rest are 6 days old! Lots more to come! I would love an egg basket!

  3. We have kept chickens for close to 35 years now. Right now we have 28 chickens–Golden Comets, Barred Rock, Araucanas and RI Reds.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  4. I bought and read “”fresh eggs daily “” and would love to win one for a freind ,,,:) love love love the book it is a ust read and you wont want to share 🙂

  5. We just bought our land and house this spring, and I decided that I wanted to get some chickens! I currently have 25 chickens, and we are waiting on our first eggs from the chicks we raised. I am getting a few eggs from some pullets we purchased at point of lay. I am always going to Lisa’s blog to find out how to do things for my chickens! I would love to have her book! I have been looking at egg baskets as well, but haven’t gotten one, so this would be a perfect prize for me! Love both of the blogs!

  6. We began our journey with our chickens 3 1/2 years ago and have loved the experience. We have a great time as family with three children ranging in age from 8 to 2 caring for, watching, and playing with our hens. The kids live collecting eggs and hanging out.
    As time has past and our knowledge of our flock has grown, we love reading the Fresh Eggs Daily posts and blog. We were thrilled when she announced her book and would love to share it with our friends that always admire our girls and their delicious eggs!

  7. I don’t have chickens yet, but I hope too in the near future! Doesn’t hurt to plan!

  8. A year and a half ago we moved to a place that already had an older hen in a pen in the back garden. We thought we would add 6 young hens to join her. My husband enlarged their space and tidied it up and painted it and made a cute home for them….We read up on backyard chickens and enjoyed them from the start. It was wonderful to have fresh eggs every day and see their little personalities bloom. We added a few more since then and now we are learning all about moulting….egg production has gone way down…I would love to win Lisa’s book “Fresh Eggs Daily” and consider it an honour to gather our eggs in your beautiful designed basket….Thank you for
    this great giveaway…. Heather

  9. With the colder weather fast approaching, I am considering going ‘au naturelle’ regarding winterizing coops and runs and birds. Prefer to avoid harsh chemicals such as wormers and disinfectants to prepare for the winter…hoping to use this book as a guide with natural herbs and natural methods of effective chicken keeping maintenance.

  10. I am in my first year of raising chickens and sure could use all the help I can get. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks & God Bless =)

  11. I’ve been enjoying the excited great trip of having my girls for ten years. about a month ago three guineas showing up at my place they haven’t left ,I’ve check around no one knows where they belong so I quest after a month and not fenced in they have been taking care of them self but it’s getting cold and their bug supply will be gone soon I’ll have to start caring for them. If someone comes looking for their birds they can take them, I’ll keep them other wise I ready need to start boning up on care and food.they have been hanging around my chickens when they’re out of their run no problem with them being together so.

  12. I’ve been keeping chickens since March 2012 and I LOVE my girls! They’re in the midst of a pretty bad molt right now but I know that soon they’ll be even more beautiful!

    I love your basket. What a cool way to collect and keep eggs!

  13. Looks like a fabulous book for any Chicken Keeper to own! AND I might add I have coveted your baskets from a far… would love to meet one up close and personal. 😉

  14. I have been a chicken mom for just over a year now! Have four wonderful girls: ,Henny Penny, an Ameraucana, Sybille, a Brahama, Roger, a Rhode Island Red and Lucy aka Lucifer a buff Orphington. You are creating my beautiful basket and if I win I am keeping the book but donating your beautiful basket to a charity! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Last year, we started with a garden and herbs, and this year we added rabbits and fruit trees. Next spring come the chickens! Hurray! This sounds like an AWESOME book to get off on the right foot! Thanks for doing this giveaway 🙂

  16. I have had chickens for over three years. For two of those years, I was part of the chicken underground 😉 It was not legal to keep chickens in my town, but I wanted them sooo badly! It is now legal and I am planning a new, bigger coop with lots and lots of room for my gals to roam! 🙂

  17. I live on a farmette and have wanted to have chickens and fresh eggs. I did not know where to start or all it involved. I can’t wait to read your book and learn how!! Also I like your web sight. I can’t wait to read more and learn more also.:)

  18. Hello! Started this March…I have 19 chickens that are great layers and still going. This will be my first winter so I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. I don’t have any chickens but hope to in the near future!

  20. We just started our chicken keeping journey. We have 24 4 week old chicks.

  21. We’ve only had chickens for 3 1/2 years. 1 1/2 years ago we had a couple of incidents with predators and were left with just 2 hens. One is a mostly-blind, non-egglaying “pet” (i.e. my husband’s favorite). We picked up some new hens this year and are now up to twenty. We have a few laying eggs now but most are just coming of age.

  22. We’ve raised hens off and on for 20 years. In our current home in the woods,we’ve been constantly challenged with many predators and have had to learn the hard way, how to protect them. We’ve had as many as 24 and as few as 5. We enjoy them very much, and look forward to new babies in spring (along with a couple goats)! I’d enjoy the book info as we aim at raising the hens as naturally and healthy as we can. I also love the basket!

  23. I just started about 6 weeks ago with 12 chickens and a Rooster named Pete and me and my little 4 year old grandson love it. I sure could use some tips from a pro that wrote a book. lol

  24. I am going into our second winter with layers and dealing with molt and reduced eggs. The chickens seem happy.

  25. I really enjoyed reading these helpful sites.

  26. We are in our first year of chicken raising.
    We just got our first green egg this week and are very excited.

    1. Author

      Congratulations! The best news I have for you is that the excitement doesn’t fade. Three years later, we still celebrate each fresh egg!

  27. I haven’t started my chicken keeping journey yet. Have been wanting to for about 5 years… maybe next spring will be the time (finally) to get started!

  28. We just began our chicken-keeping journey this year with four hens we raised from chicks in our bathroom under a heat lamp to four lovely ladies who produce beautiful eggs for us almost each day. Nothing better than fresh eggs! We also learn something new every day, which makes the experience fun for the entire family. I’m a bit nervous, though, heading into our first winter with them.

  29. I have started raising chickens recently and love it but could use a good book about eggs if I could win it I sure would read it. Have a great Jesus filled day.

  30. I am moving soon and will finally be able to keep chickens and probably goats, as well as whatever else wanders our way, I could really use this book! I have a LOT to learn!

  31. I’ve pretty much grown up with chickens my whole life, so as soon as my husband and I bought our home we were gifted some silkies from my parents. Since then we’ve also got a flock of buckeyes (our favorite breed) who are just about to reach laying age. We also have Khaki Campbell ducks whose eggs we enjoy, as well as a little band of muscovy ducks. We love our feathered friends!

  32. I’ve been raisin chickens now for 10 years but I’ve learned so much along the way and can’t wait to learn more! I’m interested in getting heirloom breeds and replenishing my flock in the spring! Would LOVE to have a copy of the book and a beautiful egg basket! My momma would enjoy it too! 🙂

  33. Really could use this book. I also love the basket. I am ready to start keeping chickens in my yard. 🙂

  34. We have had hens for three years. We have Ameracaunas, Golden Laced Wyandottes, and a Dominique. Our four young children love taking care of them and interacting with them. They are a joy, an educational experience for our children and the neighborhood.. We use their fertilizer in our compost. We are doing our best to live naturally and grow our own food and teach this to our children.

  35. We moved out to the country this past summer. We knew we were moving and I wanted to raise chickens so badly, never had owned chickens before. So I last February our local Grange got in a shipment of Rhode Island Red chicks. I texted a picture of them with a big ? To my husband at work and his response was sure! Well we put them upstairs in our bathtub for the first week with a heatlamp, so far so good, then the dust got to bad we moved them into the laundry room in a nice big plastic tote. Then the smell and dust got terrible in there after a few weeks, we moved them into our four car garage. Thankfully a month later we purchased our current place and they now have their forever home with the lovely coop and pen my hubby built for them. When they started laying eggs this summer what a joy, having so many I was giving eggs to our new neighbors, great way to meet them! Then we brought home Buddy the Red Island Rooster. Poor thing lost the battle several times where he had been living, his feathers grew in and his wounds and scratches healed along with his attitude. He doesn’t like it when his girls come running to me, he will wait until my back is turned to attack my legs. We are not friends to say the least, but he sure is a pretty bird! And I love how he takes care of my girls and enjoy hearing his happy crowing. Wish I had had Lisa’s book last February, but I’m sure she can teach me a thing or two about chickens! Also the lovely basket would such a treat to gather my eggs into. I use my coat pockets now…last weekend found a egg in one of my jackets that I had forgotten, I don’t know from how long!
    The enjoyment of our 6 chickens lead me to purchasing 10 baby ducks. OMG I’m a farmer now!

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