Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Divine Desserts Spice Blend

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Divine Desserts Spice Blend

For the past few months, I have been participating in the  Fennel Friday series with a group of food bloggers.  Delicious smelling packages arrive in the mailbox from Pollen Ranch and then the fun begins.  It has been a great experience, working to create and share delicious recipes that incorporate the different fennel pollen varieties.

When Divine Desserts arrived in the mail,  I was stumped.  I hadn’t thought of fennel pollen as a dessert component.  The ingredient list for Divine Desserts includes orange peel, plum powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, and a host of spices and flavors perfect for accenting a sweet preparation.

I struggled to find just the right recipe to make with Divine Desserts.  I wanted the beautiful flavors of this spice blend to shine through.  I added this spice blend to a batch of my family’s favorite Pumpkin Bars with Dark Chocolate Chips in place of the cinnamon that the recipe calls for.  The flavor was incredible, but Ii was still in search of a recipe that would really highlight the flavor.

One night, as I was scooping vanilla bean ice cream to serve as dessert for my family, the answer was literally staring me in the face. Days earlier, I had made a batch of my dark chocolate “magic” ice cream topping.  Suddenly, I knew exactly what to do with this Divine Desserts blend.

A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream was drizzled with the homemade magic shell topping.  As the dark chocolate began to harden, I sprinkled the Divine Desserts on top of the chocolate.  In seconds, the chill from the ice cream had hardened the magic shell and the spice blend was held firmly in place.

The dessert looked beautiful, but I wondered how it would taste.  I delivered the cups of topped ice cream to our family table and waited for my taste testers to share their opinions.  They were too busy enjoying their dessert to register an opinion.

I took their empty bowls as a compliment.  Then they went on to remark about what a delicious, unique flavor the spice blend had added to a seemingly simple dish of vanilla ice cream topped with dark chocolate.  Since then, Divine Desserts has become a favorite ice cream topping here at 1840 Farm.  One taste of this flavor combination and it just might become a favorite in your house!

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Topping and Divine Desserts Spice Blend

vanilla bean ice cream
1 recipe Homemade Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping
Divine Desserts Spice Blend

Place a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in the bottom of a bowl or cup.  Stir the homemade magic shell topping until smooth before pouring several spoonfuls over the ice cream.  Before the topping has fully set, sprinkle liberally with Divine Desserts Spice Blend.  Serve and enjoy!



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