The Bread Baker’s Series: Heidleberg Rye Bread

The Bread Baker’s Series: Heidleberg Rye Bread

Kitchen Kneads Heidleberg Rye Bread (Photo courtesy of Kitchen Kneads)

I love rye bread.  The earthy flavor is a wonderful pairing for our homemade strawberry jam for a wholesome breakfast.  I also like to top a lightly toasted slice of rye with herbed, salted butter and a paper-thin slice of radish fresh from the garden.

I have made several loaves of rye bread, but I was never able to perfect the texture.  While the loaves had great flavor, the were much more dense than I hoped for.  Thanks to our Bread Baker’s Series collaboration with Kitchen Kneads, I may have just found the recipe that can help me make a perfect loaf of rye.

I can’t wait to bake up one of these lovely looking loaves in our farmhouse kitchen.  The photo that accompanies the recipe displays exactly the type of texture I was striving for.  Dawn specifically mentions that this loaf is soft and “incredibly moist”.

This recipe is moving to the top of my menu to do list.  I hope that you’ll visit Kitchen Kneads to get the recipe so that you can try it along with me.  While you’re there, you ‘ll learn a few interesting nutrition facts about rye bread.  Here’s a hint:  rye bread isn’t just delicious, it’s also packed with nutrition.

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