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Meet Our Small Egg Basket

Small Egg Basket #0083 from 1840 Farm
You asked and I listened!  Over the last few months, several members of The 1840 Farm Online Community requested that I add a smaller egg basket to our 1840 Farm Mercantile Shop on Etsy.  I’m proud to share the first Small Egg Basket in our collection with you.

1840 Farm Small Egg Basket #0083The Small Egg Basket is perfectly sized for carrying 6-8 large eggs.  Its smaller size makes this our most affordable egg basket.  It features the same handmade construction as our larger baskets, just on a smaller scale.

I hope that you will love the spring colors that I’ll be using to make the first batch of small baskets.  I will be adding more in the coming days and sharing them on 1840 Farm’s Facebook page.

In case you were wondering, they make a perfect little Easter basket!

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  1. Granny's Parlour

    Adorable. Just plain adorable! I bet they sell like hot cakes.

    1. Jennifer Burcke

      Thanks! I am so glad that you like them.

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