Friends of 1840 Farm – Fresh Eggs Daily

Friends of 1840 Farm – Fresh Eggs Daily

It wasn’t long ago that I shared my post detailing my views on the best way to store fresh bread.  My friend Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily had sent me one of these beautiful, handmade linen bread bags.  I loved it from the moment I unwrapped it.  In fact, I immediately snapped a few photos and shared it with The 1840 Farm Community on Facebook.

Not long after I posted the photo, several members asked why I thought it was important to store fresh bread in a cloth bag.  Minutes later, I was typing away on my laptop, eager to share what I knew about storing bread.

Two months have passed, and I have used this beautiful bag dozens of times since then.  Now you can do the same or give one as a gift to the bread baker on your gift list.  The Fresh Eggs Daily shop on Etsy is full of fantastic, handmade items.  They’re sure to put a smile on the face of someone you love this holiday season.

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