A Farmer’s Autumn Bouquet

A Farmer’s Autumn Bouquet

Onion Bouquet at 1840 Farm

This morning, I found myself out in the garden after finishing my morning chores.  There was still frost on the ground.  My children could still see their breath floating in the morning air.

We gathered a pound of onions from the remnants of our raised bed garden.  As I looked down, I was struck by just how beautiful they were.  Without meaning to, I had formed the perfect farmer’s autumn bouquet made with something fresh from the farm.

I know that I am expected to dream of frilly bouquets filled with delicate flowers.  I enjoy a flower bouquet as much as the next person, especially when the flowers are grown here on our farm.  But I have to admit, a bouquet that you can eat for dinner is pretty tough to beat!



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