FarmMade Newsletter Featuring 1840 Farm

FarmMade Newsletter Featuring 1840 Farm

I was happy to be invited to provide the recipes for FarmMade’s weekly newsletter earlier this week.  The theme for this week’s edition was Farm House Recipes.  Our Blueberry Gooey Butter Cake was featured alongside a new recipe for 1840 Farm’s Berry Pie.

The FarmMade newsletter is sent out each Friday and features recipes, profiles of family farmers, and other useful information.  You can sign up to receive the weekly newsletter free of charge by visiting and entering your email address before clicking on the “Notify Me” button.

It’s just that easy.  Each week, you’ll receive the FarmMade newsletter in your inbox.  Next week, you just might learn something new about 1840 Farm!

Here’s the portion of yesterday’s newsletter that includes the recipe for our 1840 Farm Berry Pie.  I hope that you’ll use our recipe to make a pie memory of your own.

The following content is being used with permission granted from FarmMade:




  1. I want to sign up for he FarmMade newsletter; does this reply do that? I didn’t see a particular place to sign up for it! Thanks!

  2. HI Jennifer — It was a delight to feature a couple of your tasty recipes last week in our newsletter…thank you again for sharing these recipes with the FarmMade community of present-day farmers (urban, rural & suburban) and friends! We look forward to sharing your farm story and featuring your farm’s products on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages this week…

    Hi Debbie — Thank you so much for your interest in FarmMade! To sign up for the FarmMade newsletter simply visit and enter your email address. The newsletter content varies from week to week, but it focused on all things farm – farms, food, land, time-honored traditions, self-sufficiency skills and more. 🙂

    Happy Cooking and Farming!

    Amber and The FarmMade Team

    1. Author

      I was happy to contribute to the newsletter. I made sure that Debbie was able to sign up for the newsletter, but thanks for offering your help. Thank you again for allowing me to participate and for featuring 1840 Farm this week!


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