Cherry Belle Heirloom Radish

Cherry Belle Heirloom Radish

Cherry Belle Heirloom Radish
Raphanus sativus

Planting Depth:  shallow-1/4″ below the soil’s surface
Plant Spacing: 2 inches
Row Spacing:  8-12 inches
Days to Germinate:  3 – 7
Days to Maturity:  21-27

A ripe Cherry Belle radish is a thing of beauty.  It is medium in size with a round, bulbous shape.  The skin is a beautiful bright garnet red with brilliant white flesh underneath.  A delightful, crisp texture is accompanied by its earthy, fresh flavor.  This variety resists the tendency to develop a woody texture as the season progresses.  It’s no wonder that the Cherry Belle Heirloom Radish was the All-America Selection winner in 1949.

The Cherry Belle radish hails from Holland.  Radishes can be succession planted to be enjoyed throughout the growing season.  If planted every two weeks, the resulting harvest will provide a continuous supply of radishes throughout the growing season.

Radishes prefer the cooler conditions of spring and fall to summer’s intense heat.  When sowing in the summer, consider planting radishes in the shade of larger, established plants.  They can be grown as companions with dill, beets, carrots, and beans.  Radishes are believed to help deter squash bugs and boring pests in the vegetable garden.

Here at 1840 Farm, we eagerly await radish season each spring.  Radishes are the first vegetable crop harvested from our garden and announce the happy arrival of the growing season.  They also enable us to enjoy eating a spring menu favorite:  sliced radish tartine.

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