Ultimate Composting – Week Four

Ultimate Composting – Week Four

It has been nearly a month since I started my ultimate composting experiment.  The celery is still growing stalks and roots in my kitchen window.  Several romaine hearts have joined in and one has roots to rival the celery stump that started it all.

So far, I’ve found that the romaine grows at a much faster rate than the celery.  The romaine leaves are much larger and its roots seem to be more vigorous.  To test this theory, I  started a new celery and romaine heart on the same day.  A week later, it seems that the romaine is clearly in the lead.

I’m learning as I go, making a few mistakes along the way while making changes on the fly.  For instance, one of the romaine hearts was growing well and developing roots but began to mold.  While the interior continued to grow, the exterior was wearing a fuzzy coat of blue-green mold.

The moldy romaine heart went into the compost pile.  I modified it’s growing container slightly to attempt to combat the mold problem.  All I needed was a specimen to test the new container.

I didn’t have to wait very long.  I served salad for dinner last night and added two new romaine hearts to the windowsill.  Now I’ll observe and see if the new container improves the outcome.  I’ll share the results with you next week.  This experiment may never end!

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  1. What container is that in your picture and how did you modify your container?
    I’m excited! I should try that with iceberg lettuce…

  2. My lettuce is sprouting, but no signs of roots yet, Interestingly the leaves seem to be curly, although the originals that we ate weren’t.

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