New Community Chickens Post: A Year In the Life at 1840 Farm – Month One


  1. Looks intersecting there were chickens that came with the place when we bought it and we have had chickens ever sense ( 11 years) and due to a slight health problem we Are going to give our chickens to a friend and start over in about 6 months we hope We are going to redo the run and coop while we are down We have never been happy with this one but it was what was here. So I look forward to keeping up with how you do’

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      I wish you the best of luck. We were not happy with our first chicken run either. We built a second version and have been very happy with it. In fact, I’ll be writing about that in an upcoming post on I’ll share the link here on the blog and hope that it will be helpful in planning your coop and run renovation.

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