Ultimate Composting – Week Two

Ultimate Composting – Week Two

It has been two weeks since I started my latest gardening experiment.  There’s no point in trying to hide the truth from you:  I’m growing groceries from what some would call garbage.  Yes, that’s right:  I’m growing celery from the trimmings that usually end up in the compost bin or garbage pile.

While that may sound crazy, here’s something even crazier:  it’s actually working.  The celery has sprouted several stalks since last week.  Small roots are taking hold on the underside and if this continues I hope to be planting the whole thing in a few weeks.

In fact, the celery is making such amazing progress that I decided to add another item to the growing tray.  This time, I added a piece from the end of a head of organic romaine lettuce.  In less than five days, the romaine has already started to grow new leaves and roots.

I can’t wait to see what kind of transformation these specimens will make during the next week.  Right now I’m off to scavenge in the refrigerator.  I know that there must be something else I could add to this edible experiment.

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  1. Brilliant idea… I think I have a lettuce in the fridge that we will finish up tonight and the stalk will now not get as far as the compost bin…

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