Nearly Wordless Wednesday – May 2, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday – May 2, 2012

1840 Farm has twelve new residents of the feathered variety.  They arrived yesterday and I am happy to report that they are all active and well.  They spent the better part of today exploring and trying to master two very important skills:  eating and getting along with your roommates!

They are adorable and we are all enjoying watching them.  There will be daily pictures and videos to share on our Facebook page, but I wanted to give you all a glimpse of them on their first full. day living at 1840 Farm.  Here they are after we gave them all a health check this afternoon.  Moments later, they were back in their brooding pen warming up and exploring their surroundings.

Stay tuned – there will be an unending supply of chick pictures to share!

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  1. they are soooo cute!!!! ali’l less then a year ago ours
    were this tiny too….they grow so fast you can almost watch it happen!!! 🙂

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