Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Maple Syrup Edition

Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Maple Syrup Edition

Yesterday we took a culinary road trip to a sugar shack owned by dear friends.  They shared their delicious syrup as well as years of knowledge.  We learned all about the collection of sap and the painstaking work of transforming it lovingly into maple syrup.  We watched as gallons of liquid boiled rapidly and the fire blazed below.  The steam rose constantly to allow excess moisture to evaporate away from the sap until beautiful amber syrup remained.

As a special bonus, we were treated to maple sugar on snow.  Syrup warmed to the correct temperature was ladled over freshly gathered snow.  We twirled it loose with forks and ate it while it was still warm.

It was a delicious way to spend a beautiful sunny day.


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  1. It was great to have you and to see all of you.

    1. Author

      We had such a wonderful time. The kids will have warm memories of yesterday for years to come. It’s a lucky thing that my son chose to make such a great fishing buddy!

  2. I remember having maple sugar on snow when I lived in Canada – years ago. Thanks for bringiing back memories…

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing that you have fond memories of the experience. It’s my hope that my children will have such warm memories of these experiences that keeps me working so hard!

  3. How fun! I got to see a bit of the process for the first time this year and saw your post mentioned on zemanta as related…. I did a video with my friend, their farm has a fairly big sugar shack!

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