New Post: Wondering How to Overcome a Calcium Challenge?


  1. I had switched my chickens feed about a year ago to Purina’s Layena Vegetarian feed and my eggs started getting soft. So I had to start buying crushed “lime” (substitute for oyster shells) and grit. Last month, I’ve discovered that Purina started putting out a new feed, Layena Plus Omega-3 (still vegetarian), and have switched over to that feed. It guarantees 200mg omega-3 in each egg and it does provide even more calcium, and claims that I will not need to supplement with any other stuff. So we will see. So far, my egg shells are still hard and I’ve been feeding them this new (more expensive) feed now for one month.

    1. Author

      I have been looking for the new Omega-3 Layena Plus, but it is still not available at my local feed store. As soon as it is, I intend to make the transition and see how my girls respond to it. I hope that you continue to have good luck with the new formula. Please keep me posted-I’m always interested in hearing about other people’s experiences!

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