Why I Garden

Why I Garden

Two words:  heirloom tomatoes.  I will freely admit to being giddy this morning.  Why?  I have spotted the first ripening heirloom tomatoes in our greenhouse.  I know that it will only be a few days and there will be Peacevine Cherry tomatoes to enjoy fresh from the vine.  That first taste will be the moment I take a deep breath and remember just why I work so hard in the garden each year.

Why do you garden?

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  1. We picked our first batch of sungold cherry tomatoes. I am making a BLT salad using them.
    We have 170 tomato plants and 1/2 of them are heirloom. I am still looking for the variety that will grow well in our insane heat. We also have chickens, I will try freezing them some fruit juice and giving it to them. We have almost 50 and so far we have not lost a one. Keeping fingers crossed.

    1. Author

      I’d love to hear which heirlooms you like the best. We have been growing them for five years and have our favorites (Purple Calabash), but we always try a few new varieties. I’m glad to hear that your chickens are coping with the heat. I hope that they like the frozen treats as much as our hens do!

    1. Author

      I agree (obviously)! There is something about gardening and then using the harvest that not only feeds the body, but also feeds the soul.

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