Eggs Aplenty

Eggs Aplenty

 Earlier this week I published a post on the Community Chickens blog about our impending Easter celebration here at 1840 Farm.  This Easter celebration will be a first.  This year’s festivities will include fresh eggs from our flock of chickens.

To be truthful, we don’t stand on tradition here when it comes to coloring eggs.  In fact, we made a dozen of them in the middle of February.  Why?  Why not?  I’m not sure who decided that eggs should only be boiled and colored for Easter, but I apparently didn’t get the memo.

We haven’t used a store-bought egg coloring kit in years.  It started with an unfortunate trip to the grocery store.  We paid for a kit and then returned home to find that it was mysteriously missing from our grocery bags.  Suddenly there were two children in our farmhouse kitchen ready to color eggs without anything to color them with.

Enter the Internet.  After a few frantic minutes of searching, I discovered that the store kit was unnecessary.  I forged ahead with making our own cups of colored liquid and crossed my fingers that it would work.  It did and we’ve never returned to the store-bought kit again.

Making your own egg dye is simple.  It requires very few components and absolutely no special equipment.  To read my step by step instructions, visit my post, A Very Colorful Celebration.  Don’t forget to read the comments left by the readers of Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine.  They have added a lot of great tips regarding cooking the eggs and coloring them for your Easter celebration.

The Easter weekend here will be filled with eggs.  We’ll have eggs of the boiled and colored variety, chocolate eggs filled with caramel, solid chocolate eggs, and decorative eggs on our dinner table.  And for good measure, we’ll make our annual favorite, a chocolate Easter Bunny driving a tractor.  That’s right, even our chocolate has a farming theme.

Somehow, I think that our chickens will be even happier than usual this weekend.  They’ll be content with the fact that we’re vegetarians and that this annual holiday revolves around eggs on our table instead of a roasted chicken.  Even if we weren’t vegetarians, we’d need to keep the chickens around.  We’ll probably want to color eggs again next month.

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