A Stylish Blogger Award For Me?

A Stylish Blogger Award For Me?

Really?  Someone I don’t know just gave me a Stylish Blogger Award.  A total stranger.  I won’t lie to you.  It hasn’t made me any less happy about it.  Who cares if I don’t know Betsy from A Plateful of Happiness?  I do know a few things about her.  She writes a blog that I enjoy reading.  She lives in one of my favorite towns – Lexington, Massachusetts.  She likes to collect cookbooks.  I think I like her already.  The fact that she chose to bestow an award on me is purely a bonus.

As is the tradition with acceptance speeches, I feel the need to thank a few people.  Yes, I know that I’m not at the Oscars.  How do I know?  Simple.  I’m wearing my fuzzy slippers and sitting at the computer with my dog Pete.  I know that information doesn’t conjure a terribly stylish mental image, but there’s no point in pretending to be something I’m not, which in this case, is a person wearing uncomfortable footwear.  I am willing to bet that if you watch the actual Oscars, you’ll see at least one star who looks like they would rather be at home in their fuzzy slippers spending a little quality time with their loyal canine companion.

Enough already.  On to my brief acceptance speech which I promise will not require Bill Conti to play me off the stage with  his orchestral stylings.  I would like to thank my family who tolerates me typing away on the keyboard telling my stories even if no one else in the universe might read them.  I would like to thank the someones who have read them and left me such wonderful comments.  I would also like to thank Betsy for giving me the award.

I understand that this honor comes with a few rules that I intend to follow in the spirit of the award.  They are as follows:

Thank the person who has given you the award
No problem there.  I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to the lost art of the thank you.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my children and wait for the collective groan to erupt as they explain my rule about not being able to spend gift money until the thank you card is in the mail.  Anyway, you get the picture.  The thank you was taken care of as soon as I got the nod.

Share seven things about yourself
Wow-what to share?  Well, here are a few things that you might not know about me from reading this blog during the past months:

1.  I used to cook for pure pleasure.  The richer and more decadent the better.  I can remember Sundays spent making cakes with ten different components from scratch.  I was blissfully unaware that I would find myself cooking with a food scale and calculator a few short years later.

2. Today, I cook with a purpose.  I am the head cook for a household that includes a marathon runner who always seems to be in training for another long run, a child with Type 1 Diabetes, and a child with multiple food allergies.  I spend a lot of time researching recipes, trying out substitutions that don’t sacrifice flavor, and calculating the complete nutritional profiles for everything we eat.  Really, I’m cooking and baking at the crossroads of great taste and food awareness.  I guess it’s a good thing that I like a challenge.

3.  I have a profound weakness for good wine, good coffee, and anything that I can eat straight from our garden.  My winners in each category would be a great Shiraz, a fresh cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain, and a Purple Calabash heirloom tomato still warm from the sun.

4.  If I won the lottery, I would buy a small house in Portland, Maine.  No, I wouldn’t leave 1840 Farm, but I’d have a nice place to pass the time when my gardening duties didn’t call.  In spite of my lottery winnings, I’d still eat on the cheap at my favorite places:  Micucci’s, Otto’s Pizza, Duckfat, Dean’s Sweets, and Bard Coffee.  Alright, so I’d treat myself to a fantastic dinner at Fore Street when the mood struck me.  I’d also spend a lot of my winnings on great wine from Old Port Wine Merchants.  Ah, to dream.

5.  I’m a fairly good cake decorator.  I took the requisite classes before the food bombshells listed in number 2 came knocking on my door.  I can make you a cake whether it be covered in buttercream, fondant, or even gumpaste flowers that look like they belong in an art gallery.  I had great designs on using these skills to build a small business.  Lucky for me, they have served me well over the past few years when cakes from the local bakery would translate to a birthday spent in the emergency room with Epi-pens in hand.  Instead, we’ve had three-dimensional cakes in the shape of pink poodles, dinosaurs, polar bears, The Black Stallion novel, a flying Ford Anglia inspired by the Harry Potter series, and even a Golden Laced Wyandotte chicken.
Pink Poodle Cake at 1840 Farm Polar Bear Cake at 1840 Farm Flying Ford Anglia Cake at 1840 Farm Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken Cake at 1840 Farm

6.  I’m a vegetarian.  The most common question I get is “Why?”  Simple.  I watched Food, Inc.  I read Eating Animals.  That was it for me.  So now I find myself a person who raises chickens but doesn’t eat chickens.  Have I lost you yet?

7.  I am a homeschooling mom.  I am trying to teach my children how to read, write, and do arithmetic, but also that life can be your classroom if you allow it to.  I want them to keep learning long after their school years are behind them.  I hope that they will never stop being students of all things food whether it be how to grow a better tomato or how to make the perfect cheesecake.  Mostly, I want them to understand how important it is to be connected to the food that finds its way onto your dinner plate.

Share 15 blogs that you enjoy reading
This is the easy part.  I enjoy so many that I’ve done my best to come up with my top fifteen.  I haven’t included A Plateful of Happiness as I have already told you that I enjoy reading Betsy’s blog.  Here they are in no particular order.

1.   The Screen Porch – This site is brimming with beautiful photos and wonderful writing about all things food.  Written by a fellow French Fridays with Dorie member.
2.   Vegan Dad – If you don’t eat meat, this site is a must for incredible recipes for all sorts of meat substitutes.  It also features a lot of great bread baking entries with recipes and very illustrative photos.
3.   Ozark Homesteader – This blog is full of interesting posts which cover cooking, gardening, and all sorts of other life topics.
4.   Orangette – Molly’s blog is full of great writing from the author of one of my favorite food themed books:  A Homemade Life.  If you love food and have ever experienced the loss of a loved one, this is a must read.
5.   Dorie Greenspan – Dorie’s site includes wonderful recipes.  Try the punitions and you’ll be hooked.
8.   Rabeleis fine books on food & drink – Who wouldn’t love a bookstore that only carries books about food and drink?  It doesn’t hurt that it is right next door to my favorite chocolate shop in the whole world, the aforementioned Dean’s Sweets, makers of peanut free, nut free, absolutely delicious chocolates.
9.   Simple Scratch Cooking – This blog delivers on its promise and offers an unending supply of simple, delicious recipes.
10.  Six Until Me – A great site to bookmark if you or a loved one fights the good fight with Type 1 Diabetes each day.
11.  5 Second Rule – I love the artistic food photographs that accompany the recipes on this site.
12.  Allergic Girl – If you or a loved one lives with food allergies, this site offers a wealth of information.  Sloane has been living with food allergies for several years and writes very eloquently about her experience.
13.  Bittersweet – This site provided a lot of useful tips and recipes during our egg-allergy years.
14.  Steph’s Bite by Bite – Steph cooks, bakes, writes, and trains for marathons.  Gee, it sounds a lot like what goes on out our house except that I leave the running to my husband.
15.  Salt – I enjoy reading the detailed recipes on this site and love the step by step photos.

Notify the bloggers from your list of fifteen that you have passed along the xx award to them
In my opinion, this is the easiest part of this process.  I get to make the day of fifteen other bloggers.

Thanks again to Betsy for sharing this award with me.  I had received a rejection letter for a writing assignment earlier in the day and was feeling a little sorry for myself.  It saved me to hear from her and learn that my writing had brightened her day.  Now she knows that her writing has returned the favor.  Lucky me, now I’m off to let fifteen bloggers know that I think that they are stylish.  Hopefully they won’t hold my fuzzy slippers against me.




  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, and the award! I’m so flattered, and not at all offended by your fuzzy slippers. 😉

  2. Well, gee whiskers! See what happens when life takes over and I neglect reading my favorite blogs? I miss a lovely post like this one. Thank you for thinking of me. It does really make my day! And, of course, since you’re on my blogroll, I hope you know that the feeling is mutual. 🙂

  3. Vegan, allergies, and diabetes. WOW! Some of that seems to fit my hubby and me.
    Thanks for all the recipes! I just found your site/blog (I’m new to this) by way of community chickens .
    We eat non-white-wheat pasta, usually quinoa, rice, corn, or wheat pasta. The other day I made noodles from millet flour and did not wait for them to dry; just tossed them into the boiling water after they were cut and prayed they’d be edible. Amazingly enough, they were! Do you use “regular” white pasta from the store? Make your own? Or purchase from a health food store?
    We also eliminate white sugar from our diet. I’ve used turbinado sugar, honey, maple sugar, bananas, or applesauce. Of course recipes don’t taste the same as “before” but at least we eat healthier, plus become accustomed to the new flavors.
    You mentioned egg- allergies, yet you raise chickens. Interesting.
    We live in Pennsylvania and are having a very cool, wet spring. I will be starting our seedlings next week. Last year I began in Feb. and that was too soon. Usually we can’t plant outside until Memorial Day. I wanted to get the cool weather crops (peas, spinach) planted this March and cover them with plastic, but too cold and rainy. I think we may build an ark instead! There’s a small wash (stream) out the back so it will have to be a small ark.
    P.S. We live in an 1850’s log home.

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